Kewaunee Lapseritis,B.A., MSc



Kewaunee Lapseritis, B.A., M.S., M.H. is a world authority on the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon and has been conducting research for 50 years now. He is a social scientist with four academic degrees, has taught anthropology at a New England college, and conducted an ethnographic study in Upper Amazonia in 1973 in conjunction with the Colombian Institute of Anthropology - Bogotá amongst the Tukuna Indians. Also Kewaunee has lived out of the USA for five years in England, East Africa, Japan and Australia.

In 1968, he spent time in the Himalayas investigating the Yeti or Abominable Snowman. He has presented his research on over 270 radio and television talk shows including twice on the Discovery Channel, plus dozens of magazines, periodicals and journals. Also he is featured in 14 books, the latest is Ape-Men: Fact or Fiction (2006).


In 1979, Kewaunee developed a unique and viable field methodology that successfully led to major contact with these sentient nature people. He elaborates on the following facts in his upcoming book: The Sasquatch People. He is the first scientist to discover the following:

1.) That the Sasquatch are authentically a "people" and not animals, as other researchers believe.
2.) That the Sasquatch have a genuine and profound psychic ability that they use as a survival mechanism against aggressive modern man by dematerializing.
3.) That these advanced humanoid beings, though they are hair-covered, have a language and culture using mental telepathy as a means of communication with their own race as well as a select few people in the outer world in rural areas.
4.) That there are three separate races of them on the North American continent: the ape-like ones, the dog-faced ones and the Ancient Ones with a human face; though all are humanoid.
5.) That they are affiliated in some way with friendly ETs/UFOs.
6.) That some of the Ancient Ones have the ability to read and print a poor form of English and artistically use traditional First Nation Native American signs and characters. This was discovered and documented in 2004 by Kewaunee.
7.) As of July 2006, 138 paranormal encounters have been documented by Kewaunee, whereby telepathy and interdimensionalism and some ET/UFO activity have been reported.
8.) In the last 27 years out of the 50, Kewaunee has had seven physical sightings, plus well over 800 telepathic contacts with the Sasquatch people.
9.) As of 2003, Kewaunee began selectively teaching others his benign, non-violent approach to making contact and shared the method with Joan Ocean in June 2005.
10.) That these beings told Kewaunee in 1985 that they were brought here and "seeded" way before the human race (Homo sapiens sapiens) was "seeded."

Anyone wishing to purchase Kewaunee's book, The Psychic Sasquatch (1998) which is quickly becoming a classic, can call him directly at: (425) 844-8409 in Washington state; US$25. which includes postage and handling.

In spring, 2007, Kewaunee's second book: The Sasquatch People will be released by Hancock House Publishing which elucidates on all his discoveries listed above and much more since he is in ongoing contact with these beings.

Some excerpts from The Psychic Sasquatch are as follows: