Alternative 4

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Ms. Eisenhower stated that "Alternative 3" - the notion that trillions of dollars of resources should be spent to protect human life by placing it on Mars - should give way to "Alternative 4," a new public awakening to achieve a sustainable civilization on Earth.
Their historic, interactive exposé of Marsgate on Exopolitics Radio with Alfred Webre was based on direct personal experience. For Mr. Basiago, this consisted of the two trips that he took to Mars in 1981, when, at age 19, he walked on the surface of the Martian terrain after teleporting there from a CIA facility in El Segundo, California. For Ms. Eisenhower, this consisted of clandestine efforts that were made in 2006, when she was 33, to infiltrate her personal life and recruit her as a member of the secret Mars colony. She was recruited for a mission that would travel to Mars and learned that a colony had been under development there for several decades.
Alternative 4 means embracing a new, positive time line, in which Earth and humanity do not face cataclysm at pre-determined dates like 2012 (a Mayan calendar meme date) or 2442 (a secret Masonic meme date of 1776 + 666).

In the following the paragraph, Mr. Basiago and Ms. Eisenhower issued a joint statement about human survival colonies on other planets.

It is a positive thing for the human race to put survival colonies on other planets. Earth has been struck by many cataclysms in the past, and so we should protect the human genome by placing human settlements on other celestial bodies. Yet, when secrecy surrounding such projects tempts governments to ignore the free will of individuals, and excludes humanity from debating a subject that implicates the whole human future, and diverts the destiny of a planet to serve an off-planet agenda, the conscience of a free people requires that such projects be undertaken in the bright sunshine of public scrutiny, not in the dark………

- Andrew D. Basiago and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, 2010


Our inspiring speakers will share with you the vision of the new Earth or Alternative 4 and its positive significance for all people and cultures.

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