©Jean-Luc Bozzoli


I could feel the presence of a mighty ship hovering in the ethers. Everyone was at the contact site, quietly waiting. I hurried to join this special group of E.T. humans who through their Love were successfully meeting with our E.T. friends, I sat down and breathed deeply.

Immediately I became aware of a soft, shimmering cloud of Light surrounding us. We were completely enclosed in a beam of pulsating Light - a Plasma Ship, which enables one world to overlap another. There was so much Love coming from this golden field of white Light, that tears came to my eyes. I was speechless and immersed in a most powerful energy of deep Universal Love. How can words describe this experience of love that goes far beyond any we have on Earth? Only to say, it feels like "Home."

We were aware of the air around us changing. The fragrance of strawberry guava blossoms and the deep pungent aroma of rich lava soil made us heady. Everything slowed down and became like a dream, as the Cloudship settled over us.

Then the messages began to come from the Light Ship. The extra terrestrials identified themselves saying they are the ones we call Andromedans (although they don't call themselves by that name.)

They are part of a star system we can see in the Hawaiian skies known as Cassiopeia. However, this group of ET friends communicated they are part of a non-visible (non-material) planet. They are in a completely different Space and Time continuum from Earth. They are also part of the Central Galactic Council that oversees planets evolving into higher frequencies of Light.

They are here to help us with information useful to Earthlings regarding Universal knowledge and frequencies. They specialize in education for the purpose of our mutual evolution into the Light of our Creative Source. They convene a council of worlds to help the Earth overcome difficulties and to remove the repercussions of genetic intrusions by other renegade races entering Earth's atmosphere. They have a great love and respect for the people of Earth and they feel that our E.T. Contact group are Earthly representatives that can interact with them in a benevolent and altruistic way for the good of humanity.

By way of explanation, I am shown a vision of them in Council deciding how to proceed with contacting humans on Earth. Rather than a mass landing, they will contact small, dedicated groups of people such as ours. They say they like our group because we are individuals who are so diverse, and yet united in our intentions to meet with benevolent ETs. They ask to meet with us regularly.

I am shown the fulfillment of this land's (Ranch) purpose. They seem to want this group to live here and create an ongoing Contact Center. I am shown people living here, in continued contact, developing inspiring, humanitarian projects with Love. They say we are to be a micro-community for the macro ones in the near future. And more people will be drawn here, the numbers will increase of those who's soul purpose is to be human-ET Ambassadors.

Our group is deeply absorbed in the love coming through and no one speaks. We remain immersed in their spiritual frequencies of Love, each of us receiving our own personal messages as well as the Group transmissions.

Eventually the energy of the Ship withdraws and we retire to our bedrooms, some of us to continue the ET Contact in our sleep states.

There are at least nine orbs in this picture. Can you find them?