Dolphins of Hawaii



More about the Dolphins at THE PORTAL Hawaii 2013 Seminar:

In addition to hearing fascinating facts and information of interspatial traveling in time and space, there will be opportunities to meet the free-swimming Hawaiian Spinner dolphins. There are nearly one thousand Spinner dolphins who frequent the bays along the entire West coast of the Big Island. Although they convene off shore at night to encircle fish and feed on them, during the day they separate into smaller groups of 30 to 150 and swim close to shore in their respective chosen bays north and south of Kona town.

The dolphins began swimming with Joan Ocean in 1988 when a friendship developed between Joan and 3 dolphin pods (totally approximately 225 dolphins) in the bays south of Kona. To this day, this friendship between dolphins and swimmers continues, fulfilling the dream of our associate and friend, John C. Lilly, MD renowned dolphin researcher, who envisioned a human-dolphin community, where people and the highly intelligent dolphins converse and play together in the ocean, respectfully learning from each other.

It was during these daily contacts between Joan and the dolphins that Ms Ocean learned about shape-shifting, tel-empathy, acoustic imagery, group mind, teleportation and time travel.  This led to the 2011 Dolphins and Teleportation Symposium in Kona, Hawaii.

 “The dolphins that I befriended 25 years ago have the capacity to swim alongside us for hours and in that tranquil, trance-like state, entrain our mind into Oneness with them. At that point we can experience their world. The dolphins have taken me time traveling into the future (see Joan’s book:  Dolphins Into The Future, 1997, pgs.174-181) and they have shape-shifted with me, allowing me to experience their multidimensional reality of great Joy and Harmony. Through these experiences I have learned that humans have the innate ability to enjoy this transdimensional world when we are daring enough to go there and explore it.”

Here in Hawaii you can join the dolphins in the morning, in the gentle warm waters learning directly from them while experiencing their unconditional love.

After meeting them by boat in the mornings, we will then come together in a beautiful oceanside resort setting to share our personal experiences and to hear the actual life stories of time travel to the past, the future and to Mars from our expert Speakers.

Their story is one of synchronicity and divine guidance. Living in different parts of the northern hemisphere, these people were unexpectedly brought together to complete a specific task of revealing the classified technology of teleportation and the presence of galactic civilizations other than our own, to Earth's population.
Their story of how they came together and what they were tasked to do, will amaze, inspire, and then comfort you. It is a reminder of the greater world that works within us in a benevolent way when we are willing to step forward  in integrity, without fear of reprisals, and without prejudice and judgment.

At this Seminar, we will be deeply touched, while immersed in love, appreciation and inspiration from the cetaceans.

The dolphins’ interactions and research continues...



For the past twenty five years Joan has been swimming with wild Spinner dolphins in Hawaii. She has witnessed births and come to know the babies. Many of the dolphins we will meet have been Joan's friends for a long time; they have names based on identifying marks and are happy to swim among people. This behavior of the dolphins has grown out of years of developing trust together which continues to be reinforced by the gentle interactions we have with the pods every day. This is a friendship we value and choose to maintain.

The way we interact with dolphins is to become like a dolphin when entering the water. This means mimicking their behavior. ~~~If for example, they are joyful and playful, we laugh, dive and somersault with them. If they are quiet, we are meditative and slow with them. Then we do not dive right above them or startle them in any way. We let them approach us and softly swim among us. We swim in the same direction, never cutting directly toward them, but becoming a member of the pod and turning and diving slowly and evenly whenever they do. Very deep communications occur.

The dolphins do not want you to touch them. If you reach out they swim away. To keep them close to you, swim with your ams at your sides and propel yourself along by kicking your fins only. Mimicking their sounds is recommended. They appreciate your attemps to talk to them in their language.

When we leave the coastline by boat to meet the dolphins in the deep blue, we acknowledge the dolphins as the masters of the seas and we follow their lead. We enter the water when they have brought us to a safe bay or place in the ocean. When they are ready for us to swim among them, they mill around the boat, waiting for us.