I enjoy sharing this story as a reminder that the whales are able to communicate with us where we reside, on land, in addition to in the water.  They are beaming their loving vibrations and messages to us over long distances.  Are we hearing them?

As the whales have reminded us, people on Earth have become enveloped in beliefs of separation and duality.  Our technology continues to evolve ahead of our spiritual awareness.  This becomes dangerous for the human race and our extended family in the oceans and in space.

The whales knew the best thing they could do was to arrive here on the planet and remain in a state of high consciousness themselves.  Their transmissions, their example would assist us in our evolution.  And so as the whales sent their messages onto the land, some people heard them and responded. 

These people then entered the water, met with the whales and became teachers and prophets who would teach others and help to change the limiting belief systems on planet Earth.  Now whales are very popular on Earth and many people, due to their love of the whales and dolphins, are taking measures to protect the oceans and the unique and special life forms that live there.

The whales understand that we are all part of the Whole.  We are spiritually and genetically related.  They are grateful to those who choose to meet them and swim among them.  Whales are more interactive because the people are.  "We teach about freedom from limitation as we work to overcome ignorance in time to save the planet.  The time to listen and change and help is now.  It is essential that we are all prepared for these planetary changes that are occurring at this time.

About Bubbles ……

"We do use bubbles as storage for our information.  We have specialist among us, what you may call librarians, who specialize in encoding and stretching molecules of water and also imprinting them.

"Your scientists have perceived the molecular structure of water as having three basic components, two of which they call hydrogen atoms, and one of which they call an oxygen atom.  They believe these atoms are linked together and create what you call the flow of water.  And because water is put together in this way, roughly triangular in fashion, water is capable of being polarized.  In fact, it is by nature, polarized.

"We use water for information-storage.  Water molecules can be placed in a matrix, where they will be turned a certain way, to a certain angle, or where they will be stretched, in this way forming a yes/no binary code.  For example, visualize this: A water molecule that is vertical with the hydrogens on the bottom, and then, picture it flipping over with the hydrogens on the top.  Another way to picture it is with oxygen on the right and then flipping it over with oxygen on the left.  Like your computers, this information-system is a binary code and is capable of virtually infinite storage.  Even a drop of water can contain thousands of bits of data.  An ocean, of course, can contain much more. 

"Water is never actually destroyed; it is only recycled in various forms.  It continues to flow through organisms and undergoes changes, but the potential of extracting a water molecule from those more complex macromolecules is always there.

"We whales have learned to extract the water after it passes through organic structures.  The water is imprinted with data from those structures.  Just as a single cell contains data about the entire body, so those molecules of water that you drink and pass through your body contain data about your systems, – all your systems, every cell.  They can be decoded and, in time, you will have the technology to decode water molecules.  When you do, you will be able to design medicines, treatments, energy treatments as well, specifically to the individual.  The primitive medicine that you are now using, arises from the premise that human beings of your species, are generic, and what is true of one will be true of another.  This is incorrect and can be dangerous to people.  As you know, there are side effects of these medicines.  In time, you will be able to create molecular structures using the amino acids, and the other molecules of your own body.  In order to code these, you will need to work with the water by-products, such as sweat and urine.  By decoding the water components, you will be able to design medicines for your people.

"We whales do not have any remaining distortions (illnesses) and we use water mostly for encoding information.  All your history, everything that has ever happened, is encoded there.  The history of many other peoples, many other places, and our own history and the history of the civilized planets are also encoded in this water.  We whales have special waters that we use for this purpose, and they are protected from being disturbed.  You have recently discovered them.  You will not fully understand the usefulness of this information until permission is given.  Then you will know that everything said here is true.

"There will come a time when you will become a more evolved civilization. When you become civilized beings, you will also contact other species.

"These writings and others like it, are being written. Those who are now talking about these things are on the leading edges of this new psycho-technology that will bring us together in the future.  Then we will reveal to you the nature of our library, which is known to you as Akasha.  This is also another name for the collective unconscious.  You will be able to read not only the collective unconscious, but also our vast, vast library.  If translated using even the smallest microcomputer chips that you now have, this library would fill this planet and overflow it.

"You use silicon for your computers.  We cannot use the crude molecules of silicon for efficient information storage.  We do, however, use the molecules silicon dioxide (sand and quartz) to program things.  But the water library is the library that contains most of our information.  It can never be destroyed.  We have it where it will not evaporate.  Obviously where it cannot be burned, as so many of your libraries have been.  It is where it cannot be touched by pollution.  Therefore, it is safe.  And it is our belief that it will be safe until you are ready to use it.  You will then leap forward in your technologies and in your way of thinking by a thousand years.

"Molecular Science is an artscience that you have already begun to explore in your chemistry.  In time you will find that the technologies of atomic architecture and molecular geometry can alter macromolecules; the result is a change in what you would call sub-atomic particles.  You will also find that what you call subatomic particles, neutrons, protons, and electrons, are held together by a specific field.  This field is not empty.  It is rather a field of what you might call psions, or psion-flow.  This flow is directly affected by consciousness.  It is this which holds atoms to other atoms in the molecule.  It is this psion-flow which also holds the sub-atomic particles together.

"Your scientists have described it as strong and weak forces, or nuclear forces, within the atom.  They still have not been able to describe it beyond that.  When they can explore causes and origins, then they will be on the right track. The source of these forces is the very heart of the mystery which you call matter, which is coalesced energy.

"In time your scientists will be able to measure this psion-flow.  They will be able to direct psionic potential to such a precise point, that through the action of mind alone, they will be able to move the microparticles in various directions, angles and speeds.  They will be able to move individual atoms in the same way and, therefore create a new science. This will be the science of molecular geometry in its higher comprehension, where atomic architecture is moved to a higher octave (music). This is how the world IS, and this is how it will change.

"You and others have been able to open apertures in the collective unconscious and to create changes in matter. Most of you are called magicians or healers. This is how you acted relative to matter. This is the discovery you made.  It is a discovery that becomes useful only when you live within a certain level of consciousness.

"In your laboratories, the instruments you use are not sophisticated enough to elicit these PK-changes in atomic and molecular structures.  That would be equivalent to trying to perform a very delicate operation with a sledge-hammer or with a crane.  These are not the proper tools.  They are too large.  They are designed for other things.  Even your finest devices are, by comparison with the devices of nature, very intrusive to the atomic and molecular structure.  This supports the famous or infamous principle in physics that states you cannot study, without interference, any electron.

"But there are other ways.  These ways are based upon the fact that there is a more sensitive instrument that already exists in nature, more sensitive than any you have created, and it is the nervous system of the sentient being.  There is an instrument even more sensitive, ten thousand times more than that.  This instrument is the collective nervous system, or the empathic nervous system, which in time your scientists will understand as they begin to explore these aspects of reality.

"As you know, certain substances have the ability to absorb psychic or soul energy.  This includes water (especially salt water), crystals and oxygen.  There is a process by which any system absorbs psychic or soul energy created by sentient beings. ‘Mind-energy’ is probably what you would call this psi-energy. Water is naturally the most psi fluid, while crystals are the most psi solids and oxygen is the most psi gas.

"The activity of absorbing psychic energy is increased in the molecular structure of water by adding salt to the water.  It is increased approximately 787 percent, which is significant in this context.  This is why the waters of the ocean have salt in them.  There is a clue given to you by nature itself, a hint, if you will, when you examine the perfectly cubic nature of the salt crystal.  It is giving you a hint of that which the cube represents in the collective unconscious.

"In universal symbolism, the cube is the symbol of grounding.  It is the symbol of a solid.  It is the symbol of the earth and earthly concerns.  Therefore when it is combined with water, you have a perfect combination of the polarities of yin and yang that creates the perfect balance, the perfect oneness, the coming together."

From the Manuscript:
Divine Mind, Oceanic Mind: Inspired Jewels of Cetacean Thought
by Richard Francis and Michael Martin, ©1990

To be continued……