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Joan Ocean, 2020

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"Seminars in Hawaii with Joan & Jean-Luc have been temporarily discontinued while Joan & Jean-Luc work on their new book and wait for resolution about recent rules (October 28th) made by the USA federal government restricting freedom in the ocean for locals and tourists. If you would like to be included on our Newsletter list for future updates, please let us know:
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CONTACT!  With Dolphins, ET Friends and their emissaries,
Joan Ocean and Jean-Luc Bozzoli !!  sun


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The Great Transformation on Earth

OCTOBER 17-23, 2021

Dolphin Seminar at Sky Island Ranch
Joan Ocean & Jean-Luc Bozzoli


With Love, Joan

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When you take a peek beyond the veil.
The Light-Shift and the DNA Activation - Planetary Reboot
 Breathe more light!

"Light Cities are deep in construction, manifesting on the physical plane
through the passions and precision of trailblazers and light bearers. 
The pandemic is Fear. The cure is self care with self love. 
The right to choose is at the heart of the game.

Human Rights reflect the Laws of the Universe, the sacred sovereignty
of every BEing birthed into the grand game. 
All are being offered choices every day, every moment,
every present moment of quantum time.  
We seek to ensure choice in truth, authenticity, honesty in each soul's heart. 
And to guide support and love every one of you as you travel across interdimensional fields towards the Light.
The hearts and souls of humankind are gemstones of crystalline light
in the multi-verse. Creative, passionate sparks of Source Light are held deep 
inside each human soul, the Great Awakening is the activation of this spark.

Remain grounded. Discernment is the key out of the dark storms.
Expand with Meditation by raising Consciousness. 
Understand the power of Gratitude, it is the subatomic cure
dissolving fear into light. 
Gratitude is the Medicine for all wounded hearts, battered souls,
turning all that is negative into positive. " ~ the Arcturian Awakening5DHealing


Amplifying Peace

In choosing thoughts that make you feel peaceful, joyful, loving, harmonious, strong and vital, you shift your energy in a powerful way that allows these wonderful qualities of the Divine to flow to you, through you, into your life, and into the world. This is "light work" at its finest.
As the frequency of well-being is amplified, the frequency of dis-ease must diminish.
The more you love that feeling of peace, the more the Source flowing through you can amplify peace in your personal life and in your world. ~ VisionsofHeaven. com


The Blast of light
The combination of planetary alignment and ever-rising vibrations strongly indicates that the weeks and months through the end of your year will be extraordinarily active. You could think of it as the storm before the golden dawn.

See the desire of families everywhere: A peaceful world with wise leaders who have moral and spiritual integrity; a world where everyone has a comfortable home, plentiful nutritious food and clean water, proper healthcare, good education, meaningful employment, financial security and time for re-creation; a world where people live in harmony with each other and all of Nature
The world you are helping to co-create in linear time is flourishing in the continuum and the peoples are living in health, abundance and joyousness. LOVE is the power that manifested that monumental accomplishment!

Now then, mainstream media have inundated you with sorrow, statistics, financial hardships, joblessness and failed businesses caused by pandemic. So, it would be difficult to imagine that the coronavirus has assisted planetary and personal ascension by helping to restore balance to Gaia and clearing away fear programming, thereby raising the consciousness of the peoples. 

The virus transmitted this message: "There will be a blast of light like no other sent from the Central Sun through your Sun and into Earth. A huge packet of light codes will blast through all the fog, the old survival fears.. and begin to break them up! This light will catapult Earth herself into a new timeline, taking her into 2021. You and other lightworkers will join her. At the moment of Equinox, when the light blasts and the Earth jumps into her new timeline, the human family mired in 3D activity to even slow down and receive any of the 5D Matrix Energy. The masks act like container to hold people’s fears until they are ready to “unmask” as the light continues to pour in."

The day is coming closer when most of the populace will have the shocking realization that not everything is as it seems. And when everyone in Earth’s civilization knows they are powerful multidimensional souls and information they seek always is within. ~ matthewbooks. com



A true new Era will begin for you. An Era of immense discoveries, as well as of a personal and spiritual growth for you. Therefore, the inaccessible enigmatic wideness of the skies will make you see its hidden depths and the Universe will be opened to your eyes. ~ NaNiYa

This  Equinox

The powerful energies of the Equinox on the 22nd September are pulling everything back into balance, as will the Sun when it moves into Libra on the 23rd September, preparing us to move through the events of October and November with grace and equanimity.
As Sovereign Beings of Free Will, it is our work to keep our balance and practice our right to exist in several dimensions and to hold the New Earth timeline through keeping our energy in focus. ~ starchildglobal. com


For a new Paradigm

It will seem chaotic, yet as things settle down it will be realised that all that is happening is bringing about necessary changes. Evolution must continue so that advances can be made that will prepare souls for a new paradigm. Now that you have entered a higher vibration changes are inevitable but all for the good.
You have all had so many lives on many worlds, that in some cases would have been so different to your present one. When each life has ended and a new cycle commenced, a decision will have been made as to what you need from your next life to continue your progress... You are ready for completion and Ascension. ~ Mike Quinsey.


Your Seeds from the Stars

You came to earth eons ago from higher realms and with great intention to be of service to humanity and planet earth, knowing that one day the earth would be transformed back into the paradise it was always meant to be!
As you ascend and evolve further, the dormant aspects, now coming to life within you will soon be a guiding light of wisdom for the entire planet!

The Earth Alliance reports at this hour that light forces bombarded the surface with several, intense 40-hertz, 5d, gamma light rays! These high-vibration light beams originate from the central sun at the galactic core and are being intently deflected towards earth by benevolent light forces for the purpose of strengthening the 5d crystalline light grid that will serve as the etheric framework for the new 5d earth! the new 5d light grid is being retrofitted and overlaid directly on top of the old 3d matrix as all systems that make up the physical earth matrix are being phased out and upgraded to 5d-new-earth systems.

The powerful inbound waves of gamma gamma light being deflected to earth are activating starseed and human DNA to a much higher order and this light is totally disintegrating all remaining traces of lower-vibrational, dark energy  from this realm!
These divine light rays have now entered the crystalline earth, discharging an ionizing type of radiation that neutralizes, cleans, re-codes, energizes, transforms and rebuilds human vessel DNA, allowing all living systems here to expand and breathe more light!

As more and more of this 5d light comes in, the new crystalline-cell light body is forming and developing and soon all starseeds of earth will dwell in a glorified and immortal (12-strand-DNA) crystalline light body which will be able to interpret all the data of the universe through the universal body chakra system!

A major awakening and morphogenesis is underway great one as high frequency waves, cosmic, central sunlight light shines once again on the beings of earth!
As 3d humanity awakens into the light of the 4th dimension grand evolution and revolution is breaking out all across the planet!
The citizens of earth are combining their energy for the first time in modern history towards creating a better world where all beings will soon live in peace, harmony, freedom and abundance!
The next 3 earth months, the most powerful and highest-vibrational supporting energy to date, will enter earth's atmosphere causing a faster and smoother shift from 4d to 5d! - “ Things are just going to work themselves out rather quickly now" so just allow it all to be as it is!

Remember that earth nature is the secret to all health!
It is truly a grand time to be alive on planet earth as starseeds are being activated all across this world in preparation to assist humanity in their grand ascension!
The Pleiadians and the Arcturians who were the original seeders of earth, communicated that earth is at the very door of it’s ascension now and it is a very short time until all the beings of this planet move fully into the new 5d earth way of being!
In this special time on planet earth, you have gained much higher levels of freedom to spend towards your personal development and creativity!
We were here in the beginning when this world and humans was created! we have stayed close to you the whole time and we are still here! we cannot do your ascension work for you, but we have given you a boost many times along the way!

Know that the nature of your planet sustains your very being! it heals all ailments and it provides a protection for you while you are here! This is simply because of the natural energy foods you have ingested and the higher-vibrational spiritual methods you practice on a regular basis!
Do not engage too deeply in all the human drama going on around you at the moment! As the master would do, stand still for a moment! - Go inside of yourself. You shall see all that we are seeing! You will see the entirety of what is called the past, and as well as things to come, but most importantly you will arrive at now and here, which is the only reality!
We will assist you for the next few months so you can relax a bit and allow yourself this amazing time to do what you love and just be the wonderful divine spiritual being that you are!
When you do engage in doing, only do a thing that you love and that sparks your creative essence.
Under universal law, one cannot receive a thing they do not first give to themselves so if you want to receive the highest love, you must first show this to yourself! 

Keep your focus solely on yourself and what you are doing right now and allow all other beings to simply
be where they are. 
They shall all awaken when they are ready to awaken!
In the now and here moment, your internal vibration greatly increases and brings you to a peace that
passes all understanding! 
This is the great peace you will come to just before you get to the next stage in your evolution where you shall literally reign over the entire universe! 
Stay hopeful and know that incredible things are happening on planet earth! - soon a new earth will appear right before your eyes!

You may not think your efforts on earth have changed things very much however from where we are looking, you have saved the whole world!  ~


Compiled text and Images by Jean-Luc Bozzoli

THE THREE A’s: Aquatics, Andromedans and Arcturus
Kealakekua, Hawaii
March 1 - 7, 2020

For many, many years Dolphins and Whales have not been included in Conferences that feature extra-planetary civilizations (UFOs, ETVs, aliens). Yet, here they are, aquatic beings living in our oceans and rivers, highly intelligent marine mammals; self-sufficient examples to us of loving communities, healing each other, bringing joy and peace to the world.

But it was OK. The cetaceans have communicated that it was not time for their wisdom to be shared with researchers and scientists — that is, not until the world could come together in peace, with compassion for all life on this beautiful planet Earth. If their “communication code” was broken and accessed, this fascinating understanding of their sounds, frequencies and acoustic imaging would cause them to be captured and contained in pools and tanks for inter-species research projects.

According to the dolphins, this would have interrupted their reason for incarnating here in higher consciousness for the planet. They are here to assist the oceans of the world to remain in balance and harmony. They are here to remind the humans that love and joy are essential expressions of living well, while caring for Gaia and humanity.

Presently the scope and importance of this is known only by those people who recognize their kinship with these cetaceans, and are called to meet them in their aquatic environment. The ‘reunion’ with them evokes our Joy and our capacity to Love. It is life-changing in the most positive ways.

We invite you to join us in Kona where we will be in contact with the Hawaiian dolphins and whales to learn from them while experiencing their natural and ancient knowledge and their Love that has been beyond human understanding…. until now. We will learn about their connection to other advanced civilizations and how to communicate with them…. we will experience their multi-dimensional contacts.

As always with the wonderful Hawaiian Spinner dolphin pods, the focus is on having Fun. As we swim, spin and play games with them our hearts and minds are open to receive their loving Mana of higher consciousness, along with practical aspects of how to fulfill our spiritual (joyful) purposes here during this auspicious time of great changes on our wonderful planet Earth. The Time is Now! The dolphins and whales will communicate their wisdom to YOU.

With Love,
Joan Ocean & Jean-Luc Bozzoli


 Constant Contact Newsletter



~~ A psychic connection is when you and another (person/dolphin) understand each other's feelings, thoughts, and even their energy without saying a word ~~   
Can dolphins read our minds, our thoughts, our feelings?  Are they Intuitive and empathic?  YES!

**  Footnote: Voices in the Ocean an excellent book by Susan Casey.  

Living in Hawaii and swimming in the ocean among the Spinner dolphins for 32 years, along with others who also live here and swim with them on a daily basis, we have become more knowledgeable about Hawaiian Spinner dolphins than anyone else in the world.

Many interactions between swimmers and these friendly dolphins have occurred that could appear as "coincidences" except that they happen over and over again. They are not coincidences. The dolphins are experts at mind/energy/thought reading. They respond to our thoughts.

Spending day after day, year after year with them here in Hawaii, I see many examples of this. They demonstrate their keen intuitive ability to us in obvious and remarkable ways.

For example:  The other day I was about to enter the ocean and at that moment I realized I had forgotten to bring some leaves on the boat with me to share with the playful dolphins.

Playing the 'leaf game'

Feeling a little disappointed that I forgot to bring them, I quietly slipped into the water from the back of the boat. I was no sooner immersed, when a dolphin came zooming toward me joyfully, carrying a leaf on his pectoral fin.  Shaking it off in front of me, I could feel his feelings, reassuring me that it was okay -  no need to be sad. He was bringing one!  I easily picked it up and the game began. Back and forth, catch, dive and give back. This is the type of behavior we see regularly, where the dolphins respond to thoughts on our mind in a playful and helpful way.

The Dolphin named Happy

Another example is often demonstrated by the dolphin we named 'Happy'.  When I see that dolphin in the pod that surrounds our boat, I begin to sing the song: " If You're Happy and You Know It Clap your Hands". Happy breaks off from the pod, swims directly to the bow of the boat and begins slapping his tail.  It's the dolphin named Happy! And he knows that song, re-written for him with a change in the words: "If You're Happy and You Know it Slap Your Tail".  He slaps his tail in rhythm when we sing the words 'Slap Your Tail'.  The point is, this dolphin recognizes us on the boat, makes his presence known, swims alongside us and slaps his tail, while we sing. He is happy to see us. It is a way for a dolphin in the water to become more visible to us on our boat... to say Hello!

If you're Happy and you know it, slap you tail...

Dolphins and Remoras

For another example:  I was leading a class on the boat and explaining what Remora fish are and how they attach themselves to the dolphins. I was sharing the stories of 5 different, rare occasions when I telepathically communicated to a dolphin with a Remora, asking if he or she would like me to remove it. Immediately, in each of those situations, the dolphin came close and I was able to remove that hitch-hiker fish....  not easy, since Remoras quickly slither to a farther part of the dolphin's body, out of reach.

These sucker fish may be benign at first, but eventually they begin to feed on the skin of the dolphins causing wounds and infections, and I have seen much dolphin blood shed when a large Remora is actively feeding on a dolphin. It is obviously painful and the dolphin host tries to dislodge it by leaping repeatedly in the air. Unfortunately among the Spinners here, that rarely works.  (I have had a Remora attach itself to my leg.  If I was unmoving in the water, I felt no pain, but when I began to dive and swim, the fish held on tightly and it was painful. Of course as a human I have hands and so I could remove it.)

After hearing about the Remoras, the swimmers in my group, entered the ocean and to our surprise, a dolphin with a Remora, came right over to see us.  Because of my talk, the group all wordlessly decided they wanted to relieve the dolphin of this predator.

Hearty with remora

The swimmers very respectfully held out their hands and mentally asked the dolphin if he would like them to remove the sucker fish. With each tel-empathic communication, the dolphin came close to the swimmer ... but then turned away before the Remora could be removed.  (see the footage) The interesting part was that the dolphin never left our circle,  He would go to each person and act as if he would let them take the fish.....  but then not follow through.
After observing this a while, I began to laugh. Swimming beneath us was an entire pod of Spinners, but we paid no attention to them.  We were all focused on this one dolphin with the Remora.  AND he was totally enjoying the singular attention and the Game.  Round and round he circled over and over again, coming close to each person who waited with hand out-stretched and then went to the next person to do the same. He was playing with us and had no intention of giving us the fish!  He seemed very happy to have all the swimmers to himself and to the exclusion of all the other Spinners!  

Video of Hearty and Swimmers by Lisa Denning

These are only a few of the wonderful interactions we have with these highly intelligent friends and playmates, the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins.

We have one more SEMINAR planned for this year.  It is focused on the Spinners and also some of our E.T. friends who have asked to meet with us.  I would love to swim with you in the warm, transparent waters with the exceptional Hawaiian Spinner dolphins  and in the company of the benevolent Star brothers and sisters.   
Any questions?  Please contact us at:

With Aloha,

Joan Ocean & Jean-Luc Bozzoli

WORLD CONTACT DAY - December 1, 2019

Join us world-wide to welcome our friendly star neighbors, living in other solar systems, on other planets and dimensions ...
to communicate and visit with us. This gathering is being CALLED by the benevolent, kindred people of Andromeda, Arcturus and Sirius B.
Thanks for connecting and caring, Joan Ocean & Jean-Luc Bozzoli. 

Watch here for more information. Mark your calendar…..






Is there really anyone on Earth who can look up at the sky at night, see all the stars and planets shining brightly and still think we are the only planet with life on it?

Of course there is life on billions of other planets. Many of those inhabitants are our friends and even our protectors. They have been here, observing our potentiality for eons of time. 

The kindly Andromedans have said if 10% of the population on Earth calls to them and asks them to come, they will respond.

They have been waiting for this time on Earth when there is a “revolution” occurring. Meaning a radical shift of consciousness where Earth people recognize their ancestors, understand their solar and exoplanetary history, realize their innate power as autonomous individuals, as one united civilization on Earth and as wholehearted participants in the Light of Love (God/Source).

That revolution and evolution is happening now. Our friendly star neighbors are standing by to have contact and are rejoicing that this time, long-awaited, has come.


June 29, 2019

In August, the Andromeda galaxy will move closer to Earth :
a cosmic event that only happens once every 150 million years


This August, the Andromeda galaxy will be even bigger than the moon in our sky!

The last time this cosmic event occurred was during the era of the dinosaurs… Share this information as much as you can with your friends because NO human being living today will be able to see this incredible event a second time.

This summer, don’t forget to look up at the sky in the middle of the night: the Andromeda galaxy will be shining brightly. And for a good reason since this galaxy’s apparent diameter will be larger than the Full Moon! Through a unique cosmic phenomenon, a galaxy will be visible to the naked eye and will appear to the Earth’s inhabitants to be even bigger than the moon!

This is the first time that humanity will be able to observe this exceptional phenomenon. The last time the Andromeda galaxy was so close to the Earth was exactly 150 million years ago, during the era when dinosaurs ruled its surface. Just imagine, mankind didn’t yet exist!
This unique cosmic phenomenon known as “Andromescopic” is partly linked to the solar system’s path in our galaxy. As you may have read on the Internet, our sun is not motionless in space and moves at a speed of 30 km per second in our Milky Way: this movement can be seen relatively easily by observing the position of the stars in the sky: new constellations regularly appear with each new heliocentric revolution of the universe.

But is much rarer is the conjunction of another phenomenon that has the effect of considerably speeding up the approach of the Andromeda galaxy closer towards to our planet.

Indeed, our Milky Way’s elliptical orbital path has a partially reactive hypo-synchronous zodiacal acceleration which can, under certain conditions, be affected by an apochromatic azimuthal anomaly which significantly disrupts the singular eccentricity of the leptonic phase (named after Sir Lepton, the brilliant 10th century astrologer). Away from the digestive cepheid caused by possible gluttonous black holes – obviously assuming that any galaxy is included in a sysmo-parabolic projection (adjusted Champollion reference) beforehand – it is almost accepted that a singular anemic anomaly changing the apses line (Editor’s note: the straight line between the periapsis and the apocentre of an orbit) can under these conditions permanently tilt the orbit of the Andromeda galaxy’s asterism. The particularity of this recurring phenomenon (commonly called “circumstellar elliptical conjunction of coercive muscle elongation” in top athletes) is to allow our sun to be projected into the telluric zone of solar attraction like a projectile launched from a slingshot, every 150 million years exactly!

Put another way in terms much more accessible to an average Facebook user, the Andromeda galaxy will be very big in the sky!!

For astronomy enthusiasts eager for practical details, the galaxy’s heliocentric viscous perineum will occur this summer (in August to be precise) at a ridiculous distance of only 64 million light years with an amplitude of -3.14 at the most for an arc of 1687 seconds in length. As a result, the Andromeda galaxy will, at this precise time, appear in the sky even larger than the full moon!

Scientists predict that this will be the most observed and photographed natural phenomenon in human history.

The sky will be shining brightly at night and the galaxy’s dark, colourful shades will be a wonder to all our planet’s inhabitants: the show will be quite simply exceptional! The next time this cosmic event happens again will be in 150 million years. In other words, there will no longer be any human beings or any life at all left on the Earth’s surface. Share this information as much as you can with your friends because NO human being living today will be able to see this incredible event a second time.



Dear Friends,                                                                             Winter, 2019

About the mighty whales of Hawaii ~~

A gathering with the whales and dolphins of Hawaii, will provide you with luminous and exquisite guidelines that apply to all people who are interested in impeccable honor and planetary evolution.  The dolphins and whales are calling you to this gathering.  Open your hearts and loving minds to all that will flow into you in February in the gentle company of the Hawaiian dolphins and whales.

We will experience world-changing and life-enriching telepathic connections with the whales that clearly let us know we are not alone as sentient beings.  Some of the concepts and information about our history on Earth may surprise you, but also support you, in revealing what you know as an advanced Universal inhabitant of the earth.

When the whales communicate with us, we are filled with a sense of colossal power - not a physical power - but a power that is spiritual in nature.  Despite their great size the whales are wonderfully gentle.  They are mirrors of the great Mind which they define as "the interconnection of all positive empathic processes."


In our ocean waters, the Humpback whale, serves as an Archetype, an access path for us, to higher learning. An Archetype is an access code or picture that allows our mind to discover and harmonize synergistically with universal consciousness, the All-that-Is.

We will become aware of this as we see the mighty whales surfacing and breaching in the ocean,  colossal leviathans  glistening in the Light of the warm Hawaiian sun.  It must be emphasized that, despite the fact that the whales appear within skin as human beings do, the whales see these bodies, mainly as vessels or vehicles of expression, for higher consciousness.  Their songs, in these sacred waters, relay symbols and colors that merge their wisdom with ours

The One, the Great Mind, cares only for actions, attitudes, and behaviors, and cares nothing for simple sets of beliefs or complex theories of dogma and doctrine.  Those who are "right" are not so, simply because they believe the words of this or any other transmission, but rather because they have learned, and are learning, the Art of Love.  The Way of universal love is the only way, and it is found in all thoughts, beliefs, and holy books that teach unconditional love

What we will experience in this gathering with the whales, dolphins and each other, is the expression of love, joy, peace, harmony and enhanced spiritual qualities.

We invite you to join us in the the warm waters of Hawaii this winter with the dolphins and whales.  February 9 - 23, 2019 

Sent to you in Peace from The Dolphin Connection International, Hawaii, USA


Group Mind:

As we swim with the pods of  dolphins along the west coast of  Hawaii, what appears to be a group of beings, is actually a Unity.  Although most of us are unaware of this, all sentient life is actually tel-empathically unified at unconscious levels.  Thus, whales, dolphins, human beings, and all other sentient beings are connected.  There is no division.  We are all part of a seamless flow, an undivided unity. "Oneness" is the essential philosophy, that encompasses compassion and love for all living things. 


Who are the whales?

We, are thought in its purest form of the moving atom.  

We, can collect together in any time-space and assume shape, yet we do not reside in any time or space.

We, are your big brothers and sisters, who care deeply for you... with a Love so great..... because we see the pure Beauty of your Souls.

We, now meet and travel together into Higher Consciousness. 

Any questions? Please contact us.

With Aloha,

Joan & Jean-Luc


To hear more of the transmissions from the whales, this DVD video film with Joan Ocean is available at our online Gift Shop:



Swimming with the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins

Come Join Us!




Joan presents at the 2018 Spiritual Congress

Joan and Jean-Luc present at the 2018 Spirtual Congress


Here's a recent article from the web:

Cosmic Trio: Dolphins, ETs and People


If you find yourself in Hawaii, or planning to be, you could contact Joan Ocean at Sky Island Ranch and swim with the dolphins and perhaps even see some extraterrestrial ships and enjoy the energetic company of several races of the Star Nations.

You’ve heard of stargates? And what about seagates? Check it out at Joan’s website:

What an exciting future lies ahead for us.  ~ BP


joCosmic Trio:  Dolphins, ETs and People

By Mary Joyce, website editor

Joan Ocean has evolved from a non-swimmer in the late 1970s into the world’s most recognized dolphin expert who’s been swimming with dolphins and learning from them ever since.  She’s so well respected that people come from around the globe to attend seminars at her Sky Island Ranch in Hawaii.

Joan’s seminars go way beyond swimming with dolphins and lectures on their extraordinary abilities.  There also are group meditations which, like smoke signals on a sea of blue, appear to attract extraterrestrials. At one time or another, she and others at the ranch have been contacted by a variety of extraterrestrials including the Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirians and Pleiadians.

HI(L) Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and appears to be a perfect rendezvous location for dolphins, ETs and people.

During one seminar meditation, Joan recalls, “The Andromedans showed up and surrounded our group.  Now those who were clairvoyant could see them very clearly and a lot of us drew pictures of what they looked like and we all saw them in the same way.

“They were here communicating with us for that entire seminar to the point it was so powerful that some people cancelled their flights to go home and stayed for an extra week just to remain with the Andromedans.  So they’ve been very present with us and often right in the clouds above the ranch.”

Joan says she has seen proof that “our Star friends” respond to people’s requests to be healed.

“During the night, the loving frequencies of our advanced ET civilizations are able to interact with those of us who sincerely ask for assistance,” she says.  “In the morning, people feel entirely well.  And because their bodies are whole again, they begin to dance and play and laugh and express their joy.  They realize that their relationship with our benevolent ET friends allows this process to occur – and they are empowered by it.”

“The Arcturians are my main guides and friends,” Joan says but adds, “We are so connected to the Pleiadians; we take it for granted even.  They are always helping people with the arts and music and dancing.  They’re a civilization that’s not too many hundreds of years beyond our own, and of course change can happen a lot in only 100 years.  But they can relate to us very well so they’re wonderful ones to be in contact with.”

underUnderwater Ships

“We have a lot of sightings in the ocean,” Joan says, “because we spend so much time out there, often five hours a day with the dolphins and the dolphins will take us places. I’ll say sometimes when the whales are here, ‘Take me to the whales’ and they’ll take us to the whales.
“They’ll also take us to other unusual phenomena in the water so we will see lights underneath us and we will see big objects that are hovering down there that start to move around.”
Early on the dolphins telepathically told Joan there are underwater vehicles in the oceans of the world and that they are in contact with them.  She adds that many people also have witnessed this.
“The dolphins have confirmed that they are multidimensional and therefore in contact with our Star relatives.  As ocean beings they have seen and interacted with underwater spacecraft.  These ships can come out of the water or be under water and they travel all around the globe,” Joan says.  “These are very loving, very caring, altruistic star beings, ocean beings, extraterrestrials.”

“The dolphins have said they actually go inside the ships, that there is a holding room that is like a big pool.”  There are drawings of this on Joan’s website


“They swim into it and while remaining in their physical bodies, they’re sending information using their SONAR to the sensors and receivers in the extraterrestrial ships.

“They’re sending information about the ocean, the quality of the water, about the human beings, the level of our spiritual growth — so many pieces of information that they are transmitting that they pick up when they swim with us . . . and then those dolphins will leave the ship and come back out.
“Sometimes we see an entirely new group of dolphins.  Now I’ve been swimming with the same dolphins here for years and I know many, many of them by their markings. Then every so often we’ll come upon a pod that is completely clean, has no marks at all.  It’s like they’re brand-new dolphins, but they’re adults and children and entire families and we’ll look at each other – all of us people, swimmers – and say ‘Where did they come from?’  So we feel like they’re sometimes switching out other dolphins.  New ones are coming to visit and perhaps going back on the ships.”

“One day we were in the water and there was this huge plasma ship underwater.  It was a great big pulsing vehicle about as big as a football field.  So at first, I thought, ‘Well, maybe it’s just algae bloom.’  Right away your rational mind clicks in and you want to describe it, explain it in some rational way, but it was moving around.  You could tell it had direction and that it was being moved around in the ocean with intention.”

“When the dolphins swam inside it, we couldn’t hear them anymore, and then we dove into it or swam into it and we could hear the dolphins inside but you couldn’t hear them when we came outside.

“When the plasma ship came up really close to the surface of the water and I was in the plasma ship, I lifted my head up, out of the water, and when looking down at the rest of my body, I couldn’t see it.  It was in the plasma ship and had disappeared.  I was actually experiencing being in two different dimensions at the same time.

“While swimming inside the ship, it was totally peaceful.  The frequency in there was blissful.  You just wanted to stay in there as long as you could.”


To learn more about Joan’s experiences and her Sky Island Ranch upcoming seminars in December and February, visit her Seminars Page.

Original article published at Starship Earth the Big Picture:


CONTACT at the Ranch with Dolphins & Whales
Kona ~ Hawaii

Welcome ~ To the magical home of Joan Ocean and Jean-Luc Bozzoli
on the secluded forested slopes of Mauna Loa.


Sky Island Ranch provides an excellent setting for you to experience the peace and beauty of nature, endless views of the ocean, sacred fires under the stars, cosmic contact, timelessness, serenity, optimal health and personal fulfillment.

The Spirit of Aloha lives here on the Big island. We gently merge with it, experiencing many life-changing encounters while floating in the ocean and relaxing outdoors in the crisp night air enjoying the star-studded sky with Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda and the Pleiades
shining above us.

We will immerse ourselves deeply into the soothing vibrational frequencies of hundreds of Spinner dolphins along with the songs of the Hawaiian Humpback whales, floating in the water, learning about the healing power of sound to change molecular geometry, to activate our memories and acoustically communicate, to enhance the sound frequencies of Gaia, to activate vortices and portals within us and in nature, while connecting through the morphogenetic field. Our inner wisdom naturally accepts and understands the loving, expressive messages and behaviors of the joyful dolphins and whales.


These seminars are about having FUN! Fun is a frequency that includes joy and happiness. It surrounds us in soundwaves that allow the cetaceans to easily interact with us. There is so much occurring in the world right now that hurts our hearts and can cause confusion. This gathering is for you -- to support and uplift your deeper awareness of what is really going on and why it is ultimately a doorway to goodness. We will understand our place in the transforming Earth as we time travel into our own unfolding positive futures that exist now, simultaneously, in the multi-verse.


We look forward to this powerful connection with you, the consciousness of the ocean, the cetaceans and our loving cosmic neighbors.

With love,
Joan & Jean-Luc


“Despite the appearance of solidity and physical matter in the world; we whales are in harmony with the newest discoveries of physics in our contention that we are not merely physical bodies …. but also reside in multiple dimensions." (circa 1993)
See John Lilly and The Nine


Dolphin Connection International

Interested in learning about dolphins and whales?  
Joan's 2 books available on her website &


Recommended NEW BOOK by Susan Casey: VOICES IN THE OCEAN It includes stories about Joan Ocean, Jean-Luc Bozzoli and Dolphinville, Big Island.



Joan with John in the 90s



qftIs an electrifying, passionate and exciting story by Ron Morehead, which encompasses his trekking into the high country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to learn more about the Bigfoot people and the enigma associated with them.

If you are interested in Bigfoot/Sasquatch and Quantum Physics, I highly recommend this new book by Ron Morehead: THE QUANTUM BIGFOOT (2017)

He has included in this book, a chapter that Joan Ocean has written comparing some of his communication processes with Bigfoot in the Sierra’s with Joan’s experiences with the Sasquatch in the forests of Oklahoma/Texas (See Joan's Sasquatch stories) and with the dolphins.

Author/Adventurist Ron Morehead, producer of the Sierra Sounds of Bigfoot, has been known for decades for his world-wide research into the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon, with his documented and fascinating explanation of Bigfoot behaviors and his long-term friendship with them in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. To date, he comes closer than any other researcher to having a complete body of evidence. The Sierra Sounds CDs are the only Bigfoot recordings that have been scientifically studied, time-tested, and accredited as genuine. Ron has documented his personal interactions with these giant beings and produced his story on a CD and also in two books.

Like humans, he believes that these Bigfoot are self-aware, sentient beings who have reasoning abilities - and possibly more. After reading his story and hearing the recorded sounds from his CD, you might too.

In his books, Ron Morehead shares his 45+ years of experiences of quantum accessing with the Bigfoot. His first book VOICES IN THE WILDERNESS (2012) is a 40-year chronicle of his Bigfoot interactions. In this book he brings to the reader an electrifying, passionate and exciting story, which encompasses his trekking into the high country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to learn more about these hominids and the enigma associated with them. Like humans, he believes that they are self-aware, sentient beings who have reasoning abilities - and possibly more.

COMMENT FROM JOAN: The dolphins and whales have guided me into an awareness of quantum thinking and experiencing, via out-of-body moments, time-space expansion and the startling perspective of multiple realities while swimming fluidly among them for hours in the ocean. Ron and I have in common a respect and love for the ocean. He has enjoyed the sharks, while I prefer the cetaceans! ; - )

Excerpts from Ron’s new book,
The Quantum Bigfoot

Excerpts from Chapter 4.

From Ron Morehead: So how does quantum physics relate to spirituality and Bigfoot? In my 45+ years of researching this phenomenon, I’ve heard several very strange reports. A few of these reports, from seemingly heartfelt people, claimed that these creatures disappeared. Is that even possible? Can the laws of quantum physics actually answer that question? Knowing what I know, I’m compelled to delve in and see. The accepted mathematics of quantum physics says that there is more going on than what we see with our three-dimensional eyes.

Scientists now know, through physics, that empty space (Dark Matter, Dark Energy) is not actually empty…however, it is a dimension existing outside of the human light spectrum and the observable vibrational frequency. It seems to me that classical science has restricted itself by its own disciplines and because of those disciplines, will never grasp the big picture. If we use the classical box to try and determine all that exists, we would never begin to understand the cosmos, e.g., the world of spirituality.

The math of quantum physics indicates that there are at least eleven dimensions in existence…possibly innumerable. So, could the laws of quantum physics be the answer to the Bigfoot mysteries? If so, how do we move forward in that possibility?


Lemuria Dreaming by Jean-Luc


Aloha from Sunny Hawaii,
I have exciting news to share with you today. In response to all the letters that ask about having contact with dolphins and whales from diverse locations around the world, I am happy to say that in close cooperation with my podners here in Hawaii we have created a website that will keep you in touch with our dear dolphin and whale friends.
It has been a work of Joy and Love as we share our deep relationship with the cetaceans we swim among every day here on the Big Island. The dolphins and whales are inviting people into the ocean to meet them. This new Cetacean Academy site is here to share what the whales and dolphins want you to know.
The link is:   Whale and Dolphin Teachings: Raising Your Vibration, the Pathway To Ushering in the New Earth.
I think you will enjoy all the sections in the Menu. Click on them, laugh with us as you watch the videos, and let me know what you think about this collaboration between me and my dear life-long friends.  We include you as part of our cetacean family.
If you decide you would like to see more and be part of the team, you can enroll to receive ongoing information, year after year.  I am offering $100 off the tuition because you are on my mailing list and I know you love the dolphins and whales very much.
If you decide to enroll in the course, apply the code which is my name in capital letters:  JOAN  -- during check out (there's a box asking you to type in the code - be sure you use CAPS).  And then you receive the discount for your lifetime membership.
So many of you have joined us here with the cetaceans already, and I wanted to find another way for the dolphin and whale messages to reach you. Within a short amount of time the answer arrived in the form of COOPERATION through the power of the pod, one of the whales and dolphins greatest lessons.
I have podnered-up in the way of the Spinners, with long-time friends Trish Regan, Doug Hackett, and Celeste Eaton.  We were sitting around one day counting the number of years we collectively have been swimming with whales and dolphins and realized we have over 55,000 hours in the water with them!  Another member of our pod, Terra Farrar, has over 30 years of technical background guiding people on how to bring their messages to humanity. Together, the five of us are co-founders of the Cetacean Academy.
I am aware that there will be some 'challenges' around the world in the following months. The dolphins and whales are here at this time on planet Earth to join us as we journey to higher consciousness together. Their joy and harmony will be our source of inspiration, entering the New Era of unconditional love on Gaia together.
I hope you enjoy this and I would love to receive your emails and comments about this project.
With love as ever,
Joan Ocean and Jean-Luc Bozzoli


PS) This new book will be available online, on the Cetacean Academy website. 



John with Joan, Estelle Meyers & Philip Bailey in 1997

October marked 20 years since the death of Dr. John C. Lilly, the founding
Father of Human-Cetacean communication. Here's is an except from his
last public letter in 2001 that is more true than ever.

To save cetaceans it is painfully clear that we must save the humans, change their minds--on a grand scale. Books and videos are no substitute for the experience of direct human dolphin interaction…We need millions of humans to become educated about cetaceans and understand how special they are. Those who have encountered dolphins know how they were changed by them and know what I'm talking about.

The forces against the cetaceans are very powerful, and incomprehensibly wealthy…If divided, conservationists, oceanariums, scientists, government, and other thinking people concerned about Cetacea, have no chance against the true enemies--who are plenty happy that we stay divided…But please don't limit the public's access--educating them is the most important part.

Dr. John C. Lilly, 2001


THE NINE in contact with Dr. John C. Lilly (1915-2001) An American physician, neuroscientist, psychoanalyst, author and dolphin communicator studying the nature of consciousness.





Fascinating Facts and Significant Events of
Enlightenment, Hope and Spiritual Support

Dear Dolphin Connection friends,

I am glad you are looking at this website. This page is new.
It is meant to be a source of inspiration and spiritual support during 2016 and beyond.

We have a good number of interstellar and cosmic friends and civilizations in Space who have been assisting us in many unseen and mostly un-noticed actions for more here




Time Travel via Consciousness & The Theory of Everything
a new article by Joan Ocean


Amplituhedrous Field by Jean-Luc Bozzoli

In the beginning of 2013, the Humpback whales revealed that a new ‘hyper-dimensional’ geometry would now be available on the Earth plane that would take us from 3rd and 4th density into expansive, vast realms. They sent me an acoustic image of it. It looked like this with an infinite number of facets. It appeared to be a ‘bridge’ between our known world and the multi worlds. This symbol of advanced geometry becomes a homing device.

If you can stay with this new geometry in your mind, it becomes a way of moving beyond the collective thinking to the pure state, the state of illumination, wisdom and peace. It allows the mind to go deeply into the unconscious and draw forth information. Jean-Luc and I have been sharing this information and artwork since 2013 in our Seminars as we interact with it as part of our ‘time’ travel meditations.

A year later in 2014, I read about a newly discovered geometry on the Internet. The physicists called it a jewel-like geometric object relating to particle interactions that challenges our notion about the reality of space and time. It is defined as a physics breakthrough of great significance, rendering our existing worldview as irrelevant. Some have called it the ‘Theory of Everything’. ... The golden grail of quantum physicists. It supersedes the five platonic solids that are known in science and math today; the Tetrahedron, the Cube, the Octahedron, the Dodecahedron and the Icosahedron. It is beyond any mathematics that we know.

The incoming information is that space and time do not exist -- at least not in the way we now think. What appears to be a visible universe, with a clearly defined past, present and future, is not real. The universe is actually a holographic projection of a single geometric form -- which has been named: Amplituhedron...... the new geometry.

David Wilcock has described it in his seminal book The Synchronicity Key: “The Synchronicity Key compellingly argues that time is cyclical, not linear. We also make the case that these cycles are powered by vast, unseen geometric patterns in space.”

David continues: “The full proof of the geometry, and how it functions, will be laid out in my next book, The Hidden Architecture of Time. The Amplituhedron discovery proves that all of space, all of time, all of matter, all of energy and all of consciousness is emanating from a single geometric form. Like the “recursive” patterns within a fractal, there are many sub-geometries of this central pattern that we will find in space -- and in time. Each of these geometric patterns act as holographic reflections of this one, singular element -- which is forming the entire Cosmos..... a single, universal geometry. ((Consciousness is a universal phenomenon. It is not constrained within biological life only. That is the big secret.)) The geometry itself acts as a consciousness-influencing structure that we orbit through in space...... As we orbit the entire geometric cluster, we pass over the surfaces of these spheres. These spheres and geometries are not hard, solid objects, they are energy patterns in space...... Consciousness is geometry......

Think about the key principle of holograms. If you cut a holographic plate into smaller pieces and shine a laser into them, you still see an image of the entire hologram -- not just a piece of it. Like the principle of recursiveness, each part of this geometry contains the image of the whole. In the same way, any event that occurs in one sphere or one domain, automatically affects what will happen when we pass through the next one.”

Our world consists of parallel realities all occurring now and at once.

MESSAGE FROM THE WHALES: “You believed that you were localized in space and time. Now you understand that you are part of an Inter-flow. Inter-flow is a word that we whales have provided for you to describe the process as we whales know it. It is not a noun, but a verb – everything is movement and we are also in movement. In us, singularity and plurality are one and the same. There is only the One, the ultimate reality, indwelling in all. The multiplicity you seem to experience in your lives is only a mirror of the One. All the beautiful variety and diversity, is united in an immense sophisticated singularity of such huge proportions that it is difficult for you to comprehend. ---------But we can see that the experiment of integration with you and others is working. The synergy between our minds is increasing.”

To understand these deeper realities, the whales reveal this geometry as an access code to the One, or what we might call cosmic or universal mind. The generic term, “One,” is deeper than it may at first appear. The level of mind within this geometry of cosmic consciousness sees this geometry as a vessel of expression of the Mind of the One, the Source or God.

With love,
Joan Ocean and Jean-Luc Bozzoli
Dolphin Connection International

Join Us!
The dolphins and whales will be there too.


Interested in learning about dolphins and whales?  
Check out Joan's 2 books available

DOLPHIN CONNECTION-Interdimensional Ways of Living


Please enjoy this article on Joan from Mary Joyce's website:









What are they telling us?


A Vision for the Dolphins and Whales
This Vision was inspired from our friend, Isabel Foltin, who sent us a petition to protect the Calderon dolphins on the Faroe Islands in Denmark.

We envision a place and time when people are making pilgrimages to the shores of all lands to be in the company of the dolphins and whales, to glean their teachings, and to honor them for the gifts they share with us. Indeed, we see a world where telepathic communication between humans and the dolphins has been restored, and, as a result, humanity now has access to the wondrous knowledge and unconditional love that these amazing Beings embody.

From another point of view, we see compassion and a caring for life having reawakened in humanity after we allowed ourselves to feel the depth of love it took for the dolphins and whales to have suffered and died in the past in order to show us how utterly insane we were to have killed them like we did. Indeed, we see that the people of Faroe Island and all such places have a different and much better source of food sustenance now, one that does not cause harm to animals.

We also envision the ancient secrets of Earth - all that has happened on this planet before "recorded history" began, some 6000 years ago - made known to us through our telepathic link with the whales. As such, the historical containment which held humanity in the dark for eons has been shattered, once and for all, bringing unlimited information to us of past cultures, hidden agendas, cosmic visitors, great inventions, free energy, emotional clearing, physical healing, and true freedom.

Finally, we see all of humanity lifted up because, in great measure, of the loving guidance we continue to receive from the dolphins and the whales.
As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!


TIMECAPSULES and the WingMakers

An article by Joan



Book Release!

In this extraordinarily touching and heart-felt book, nineteen cetacean ambassadors, visionaries, communicators, and facilitators of transformation share their personal stories of dolphin and whale encounters that changed their lives forever. The unique connection they each share with cetaceans has become their personal doorway to transformation, higher wisdom, and the ability to facilitate physical and emotional healing within themselves and others.  

Let yourself be transported into the very depths of your soul as you journey along with the storytellers into the mystical, magical realm of higher consciousness that is the home (and playground) of the dolphins and whales. 





Joan's Recent Radio Interview




with Joan Ocean, MS and Jean-Luc Bozzoli at Sky Island Ranch


Contact with wise Star Friends



Sound Language, ET ships and Cetaceans

Humpback whales glyphs


New Articles from


Latest News about our Dolphin-inspired
Time Travel Experiences on the Big Island.


Earth and Her Second Sun

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In Loving Memory of Sweet Serena



Meet the Dolphins in Hawaii on an open boat trip with Joan.

From August 2012















Inner Earth People


Time Travel








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Lilou's interview with Joan after the Dolphin Symposium 2011


Planet Shifter Magazine Interview with Joan Ocean, 2010



*********Art Gallery of Teleportation*********



Our Intentions are to live in Harmony with Nature and people.
Come to Sky Island Ranch and explore sustainable gardening.
This is our Sacred Home... 16 acres of fertile land overlooking the ocean.

Contact: for the logistics




Here are pictures of underwater structures taken right here in Hawaii, the Big Island.
After spending many weeks in Bimini
and experiencing the ancient underwater remnants believed to be part of Atlantis, I was intrigued by these photos of walls and portals underwater, taken by Jean-Luc at Pu'uhonua o Honaunau in August, 2009.








Image by



Have a look at our new DVD film about the Humpback Whales
and their relationship to humanity.
This insightful film is narrated by Joan Ocean and filmed by Lisa Denning.



OPEN to the SEA

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Lisa Denning's wonderful dolphin and whale images


Lisa Denning, Ocean Eyes Photography. All Rights Reserved

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The new DVD films by Jean-Luc Bozzoli / see the trailers:




Click here to see a
SPECIAL Hyperdimensional Plasma Ship Animation
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Joan's Sasquatch Encounters

& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010

 Check out the new book:
The Quantum Bigfoot

Click photo of Triangular craft for ETV story and click picture of symbol from Sasquatch for that story.


Photos from past Seminars


A Starry is born

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Jack Davis

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Conference, Washington, DC, April, 2004

The Atlantean Azores 2004

Azores Island 2003

2003 Portal Report



Kara's Web Report on Tsunami Cleanup

Humpback Whale and Disabled Swimmer

Navy Sonar and whales

LFAS and Whales

U.S. Navy Drones

Matthew's message about Cetaceans

Joan's Sasquatch Encounters

Extraterrestial deep underwatercrafts

Plasma Ships & Mysterious Ocean Lights

Whales and Biological Infrasound

Earth Changes Prophecies of the Hopi

The Dolphins and the Power of Their Sound

The Circular Underwater Disk

August 12, 2003: Portal Report

Messages from the Whales

Joan's Whale Stories

Spotted Dolphins Join Spinners

Death of a Dolphin Friend

People Helping Dolphins

A Message of Hope from Joan

Remembering John C. Lilly, M.D. (1915-2001)

Bubbles, Orbs and Probes

Say "YES" to E.T. Contact

India and extra-terrestrial contacts

Space Vehicles & Cloudships

Jack's Breatharian Article

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Welcome to the

Aerial photo of Kealakekua Bay by Joe D'Amore
South Kona Coast, Big Island, Hawaii [Aerial photos: Joe D'Amore]

Hello everyone. I am happy to have this opportunity to communicate with you on web wave lengths, while I continue to live in the Hawaiian Islands.

I have been living in Hawaii for two decade, spending many hours a day in the ocean, learning from the dolphins who live here and being part of a human-dolphin community.

BackyardI am fortunate to be able to swim regularly with the free swimming Hawaiian Spinner dolphins. When the dolphin pods arrive in the morning, their consciousness contacts me in my sleeping dream state and I wake up knowing they are here. I then put on my bathing suit and immediately swim to meet them. The ocean can be tumultuous or quiet, but once I am among the dolphins, I am in a world of peace and contentment.

Over the past twenty years, the Hawaiian Spinner dolphins have welcomed me into their families and taught me about the ocean, about swimming and diving, healthy living in community, serenity, harmony with nature, compassion, and how to access multiple, fascinating states of consciousness. [Click to enlarge] Dolphin Connection. All rights reserved.Since they are not limited by a culture immersed in belief systems of the past, they freely evolve and develop many advanced aspects of their brain and mind.

I have published two books about my interactions with free-swimming dolphins and whales. In these books I explain many of the behaviors and teachings of the dolphins. The information and experiential encounters continue on a daily basis as I swim among 200 dolphins here in Hawaii. I am glad to have this internet opportunity to share with you the latest teachings of the dolphins and whales.

In Hawaii I meet with the Pilot whales, the Humpbacks, the Spotted dolphins, Bottlenose and Spinners of the Pacific, all with a Lemurian heritage. I am also in contact with the whales and dolphins of the Atlantian heritage. Now I even meet the whales in the warm South Pacific waters, after they migrate from the south. As I swim among these very wise and gentle Guardians of our planet, I learn more about their large brain holographics and the other civilizations they know. These spiritual and benevolent civilizations from distant star systems are observing our planet and are in contact with the cetaceans. On the mainland I have established contact with the Ancient Ones and Sasquatch that have opened me to other dimensions of time and space.

I invite you all to join me on my travels to these exotic places to explore these truly mystical marvels of our multiversal world.

With love,

Joan Ocean

Joan with the Caribbean Humpbacks


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