& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010


I was accompanied by my friend Jean-Luc for this visit with the Wise Ones. We arrived in the woods during the summer heat wave and were glad to have an air-conditioned cabin to use at the Campgrounds. I was filled with anticipation and happiness to be back here where the Wise Ones live.

Note with gift offerings

I immediately wrote a note for Medicine Woman and left it outside on the picnic table with a 1 lb bag of Kona coffee beans and a Cherokee beaded necklace from Jean-Luc. I had been communicating telepathically with her from Hawaii, telling her my time of arrival, hoping she was free to spend time with us. Even Jean-Luc had sat with the Medicine Woman's rock for a day, so he could attempt contact with her, before arriving at this location.

Rock giftNow I believe this communication from Hawaii is unnecessary, since the Wise Ones seem to know who is in their vicinity at all times. Friends or otherwise. When we arrived at the campsite there was a beautiful shell waiting for us, all polished and sitting on our cabin deck. A nice gift for two people from Hawaii.

Jean-Luc and I put some corn into the corn feeder hanging from the nearby tree. As we sat quietly, four deer came cautiously, ears up, eyes watching.
We stayed as still as statues, enjoying their delicate beauty. They know how to nudge the small hanging barrel and make the corn fall to the ground. I made note of the fact that their footsteps in the crisp leaves made absolutely no sounds. Each step was carefully placed, and there was no noise as they walked. So when we hear footsteps in the woods, it is not the deer.


Deer in the woods

Dust by the fire.We made a fire and let it burn down low, just allowing enough smoke to keep the mosquitoes away. The sun was setting, it was a beautiful evening. Because it is summertime now, it only becomes dark after 9:00 p.m.


The cicadas were very loud. We had even heard them from the car while driving along the highway at 65 mph! Normally, I like June Bugs, but in this setting I found them very noisy! I like quietness, where you can hear footsteps, distance howls and stick clapping. Jean-Luc caught a cicada and put it next to my ear. Lound bugIt made a shrill prolonged screech! It is the male cicadas that make this loud, piercing, sound by vibrating their body. This one was mad! We released it unharmed.

I had to move my listening skills up a notch in the darkness, to hear around these treetop cicadas. Jean-Luc and I sat quietly scanning the woods, watching for any movement. It is too dark to see. Only an occasional breeze. The night is cooling down. It is lovely - clean air, peaceful and filled with mystery.

Now I lean over to Jean-Luc and tell him I will speak aloud to Medicine Woman, her mother, her father, her boyfriend and her 6-year-old brother.
Small metal heart dropped from the etherI invite them - along with any other Wise Ones with loving intentions - to join us around our fire. I explained that we have arrived here from Hawaii to see them. I introduce Jean-Luc, an artist who paints Dream Worlds. I explain that we would like to learn from them, share our lives with them. I thank them for their love and their gifts. I had received a hand-made metal heart from them in Hawaii. It fell from the ceiling in my office onto the floor with a clattering noise! My assistant who was talking to me at the time, witnessed it. I thought her earring had fallen to the floor, she thought I had dropped a pen. The little heart was something I never had seen before. And it appeared at a time when we were discussing a cancellation of a chartered cruise ship that led to severe financial worries for me. It served as a reminder, not to worry, Medicine Woman is nearby. It was another mystery!

Now I ask for a sign of their presence, since we cannot see them. Then I go back into the silence. Another half hour passes. I am facing the fire. Jean-Luc is sitting across from me. Suddenly I see a flashing light in the trees. It is interesting the way our rational mind immediately tries to figure it out. Is it a star on the horizon? No. It is too low in the woods. Is it a firefly? No. It is too big. It is moving at waist-level among the nearby trees about 70 feet away. It looks like someone carrying a light, but it is moving faster than anyone could walk thru the forest and we hear no footsteps in the dry leaves. It has no sound and it is self-contained. It does not make a light on the forest floor. It is not reflecting on anything, nor lighting up anything. It is 5 or 6 inches long and 3 inches wide, egg shaped and yellowish. It comes closer. Jean-Luc softly whispers to me, "What is that?"
"It's a light." I reply. He gives me a look that says, "I already knew that!" It hovers behind Jean-Luc. It lasts for about one minute and then it is gone. There is no rational explanation. Jean-Luc has now been introduced to the mystery of the Wise Ones and their friends in the woods. For the next three nights, this one light keeps us entertained. Twice I see the white light become elongated like a TV shutting off. It makes a horizontal two-foot line in the woods near me. It occurs at the same time as the sky lights up with what looks like "heat lightening" and a sudden brightening of the sky.


I have seen this phenomena before when in the company of the Sasquatch. (see Part One) Medicine Woman calls these traveling lights, "Dream Walkers." I have yet to ask her who or what they are. My telepathic messages to Medicine Woman go unanswered this night. I'm not sure if she is here.
My letter to her has not been touched. The coffee beans and necklace are undisturbed.

Light in the woods (by JL)We leave the site after seeing the light, because we haven't slept for 40 hours. In the morning at our campground, we examine the beautiful shell gift from the Sasquatch that was left on our porch, in perfect condition.

Shell gift


The next night we decided to stay at the firepit and sleep there for the night. It was so hot at night since there was an unprecedented heat spell in the area. I could not sleep. As I lay awake, I asked Medicine Woman why she was not there. I saw her in a vision telling me, the hot weather kept them in their cool underground house. I imagined myself going there with her and I noticed that our body energy activated the lighting and also ensured a cool temperature in this illumined, underground room. It was not a cave as I might have imagined, it was a beautiful place.

Porous rocks Cavernous openings

The next day, our friends arrived for the weekend and we prepared dinner over the fire with them, making sure to prepare many extra packets of foil-covered food for our Sasquatch friends as well. Joan on fire JL the cookWe enjoyed hearing their latest stories from the Sasquatch. Susan has notebooks filled with printed information from Medicine Woman and it is so interesting to read. Once Susan asked Medicine Woman for me, "Where is a good place for Water Woman to meet with you?" Medicine Woman told me a nearby location in nature, that she called "low water place". Susan will take us there tomorrow. It is a beautiful place with a running creek, with a freshwater spring and a deep water hole for bathing. Being a water person, I love this place. Here are some of the unusual landmarks we found there. Even the tree branches are bent into symbols by the Sasquatch.

Branches specifically placed together


The Creek

cool clear water shaded and cool even in the heat

creek bank

Embedded Rock Forms

Dolphins morphing to a baby Dolphin head Whale shapes

When we return to the cabin of Susan and Mike we see that Medicine Woman has answered my note. Or at least she was beginning to answer my note. It appears that she was in the midst of writing to me with the marker pen I left, when we entered the cabin. In that moment she must have dematerialized. That's the way it appears and we are mystified. Usually Medicine Woman adds a comment to each of my sentences and she signs her name as well. In this message she only left one comment. Was she in the cabin when we pulled up in our cars? The coffee beans and necklace are gone.

I am happy to hear from Medicine Woman. Jean-Luc is having a difficult time believing this. Could this be true? Did a Sasquatch come and write on a notepad to us. Who really took the gifts? He starts teasing Susan and Mike about it. Asking if they had someone else come into their cabin and write on the notepad. We are all laughing at him and his disbelief. (Because at one time we were just as incredulous!)
At that moment a small rock falls down from the sky in front of Jean-Luc. "Who did that?" he asks. We had not seen it and we don't know what he is talking about. "That rock! That rock. It just fell out of the sky to the ground."
"What rock?"
Jean-Luc walks a few steps directly to something on the ground and picks up a rock, holding it up for us to see. We are all aware that the Sasquatch often send showers of pebbles or toss rocks near us as a sign of their presence. This is a new phenomena for Jean-Luc. He is shocked to realize there is something inexplicable going on here. This picture with his shocked expression was taken right after he retrieved the rock that was teleported or thrown by someone invisible. This rock, plummeting where only he could see it, seemed like a direct response to Jean-Luc's doubt. The Sasquatch people have a great sense of humor. And we were all touched by the special sign they gave to Jean-Luc as a way of welcoming him to their world.

Fallen Rock Fallen Rock

The three words written on the notepad by Medicine Woman are WE SOUTH WATER. We think she was telling me that they are AT SOUTH WATER. (We at South Water). Mike knows where this place is, but he says it is on private property. And so we decide not to go there. We understand that the Sasquatch want to be cool in the lake during this heat spell.

Local lake

I respond to this letter with a new one for Medicine Woman.

We visit the location where Medicine Woman will meet with us and spend a wonderful day hiking and resting in the woods. Later Medicine woman tells me she saw us there. (see her next note below.)

We often feel the presence of these ever watching friends. They still feel it is not time to reveal themselves more fully to us in a physical form. This is all right with me. They will know when we are all ready for this physical meeting (them and us). Meanwhile we are learning many things about the ability to dematerialize, teleport objects, and the fascinating lifestyle of the Sasquatch families in the forest.

Babbling brook Dry Creek

Pourous rock formations Tabletop arrangement

Jean-Luc finds a huge wing.

The next day, my letter to Medicine Woman is answered and along with it I receive a Sasquatch doll! Could this be the one that my friend Mike gave to them a year ago? Pay it forward!

Medicine woman also left 2 stones for Jean-Luc on the picnic table, to thank him for the food he made for them at the fire. (Potatoes and zucchini baked in herbs, oil and foil)

We spend the day reading, resting and hiking along the creek with the deer. We hear the wailing sounds of the Sasquatch calling us and letting us know they are with us at this special Medicine Creek. My heart fills with joy to hear their haunting sounds - unique, in the daytime.

Before going out for dinner, I leave another note for Medicine Woman thanking her for the doll, and giving her macadamia nuts and a crystal egg. But that evening, we have car trouble and are unable to meet at the cabin with the Sasquatch. Avis brings us a new car.

Thinking that Medicine Woman may not be around at this time, since she said she was at South Lake. I write another letter to the Wise Ones inviting them to join us as well. I am aware that the Sasquatch are very honest and straightforward. If I send a letter addressed to Medicine Woman, it will be left for her and the gifts as well. The other members of the family will not take it.
So now I realize it would be good to include a note to the rest of the family along with a gift for them. That night as we sit in the dark, I speak aloud to the entire clan. My voice sounds far away to me, as a thick fog settles around us. It feels very loving, even like a field for transmitting and receiving messages. I speak to Jean-Luc about it. He is aware of it too. We feel the presence of a small group of Wise Ones. They are communicating a warm welcome. I remain quiet, hardly breathing.
From them, comes the acknowledgement that they are there to work and play with us. I introduce Jean-Luc as an artist and a deep-heart. They seem to know of him already. They begin to communicate about his art. They are suggesting a future artfilm related to the land here. We begin to receive a download of the history of this place, the power, the talking boulders, the music of the tall pines, the singing stones, the ancient native peoples. The Wise Ones begin to show us a new film. This new work of art includes spirit filled rocks, metamorphosing trees, the running clear waters with cloudy swirls and faces floating along the creek. Jean-Luc has been asking to see the Sasquatch people and even take a picture of them, so that he can paint them in his visionary art. The Wise Ones speak: "Paint us the way we have just shown you, paint our message, share it with people. Make your art about all the Ancient beings who live in these mountains."

I realize the Wise Ones are sending their message through me as a receiver. Should I be sharing their telepathic communication with Jean-Luc? Aloud, I say to Jean-Luc, "They are talking about your artfilm. Are you getting this?"
Jean-Luc says, "Yes."
After a half hour, the transmission seems complete. There is silence, followed by the slowly receding feeling of the thick field of energy. The heat it generated, subsides. I can breathe better. I sense they are leaving. As they depart, I send my thanks and my sincere gratitude for successfully making us aware of their presence.

I write a letter of gratitude to the family of Wise Ones.

My latest note at the cabin, is still unanswered by Medicine Woman. She communicated to Susan that there are hunters looking for her and her family and so they have had to go underground. They are not entirely immune to injuries from rifles. Sometimes they are caught unaware and before they can dematerialize, they can be injured.

The next day, we visit the big lake and enjoy a swim. There is plenty of water here, even in the midst of a 5 year drought. The water is so refreshing for me! I am like a sponge taking it in!

In the evening, we return to the woods. In the darkness I thank the Wise Ones again for their inspiring images and impressions regarding Jean-Luc's art. Suddenly it becomes warmer than usual. Sweat rolls down my brow. Jean-Luc notices a mist floating in front of us as we sit by the fire. A thin, whitish mist that is about 15 feet above us, moving around, through the trees. As we watch it, the familiar sounds of the Sasquatch are distinctly heard. My heart responds with joy! It is a high-pitched, woman-sounding voice that repeats over and over. It is almost bird-like, but it vibrates intentionally with an elongated final high-C note. It is coming from within the mist. I have heard these sounds during previous Sasquatch encounters. They are well documented.

Jean-Luc and I sit quietly, listening intently for the next sign. After 15 minutes we hear the high trilling sounds again but further away. Are they leaving? Are they projecting their sounds? Is there more than one group signaling each other? Are my ears deceiving me, and I have moved into an altered state in which the sounds appear to be more faint?
Jean-Luc and I wordlessly look at each other. Quietness returns. The cicadas are increasing the volume of their shrill chorus again, louder and louder. We sit motionless. It is so dark we cannot even see each other, although we are only 2 feet apart. I communicate a message to the Wise Ones. "Are you here?"
Suddenly there is a LOUD crash and a rolling sound. I jump in my chair and my heart skips a beat. Jean-Luc is attentive. What was that? My rational mind clicks in and I wonder if a tree fell over. Jean-Luc thinks it sounded like someone threw a heavy barrel into the woods. No sound follows, no footsteps, no voice. Is this a sign? It was not a light-weight animal. This was something big, as if someone large tripped over a branch and fell down, rolling. Silence returns.

Small rock messagesGetting into the spirit of the encounter, Jean-Luc now asks for a sign from the Wise Ones. The silence is interrupted by a series of LOUD bangs followed by blat, blat, blat. (a pole rolling along a fence?) This series of sounds reoccur 3 times, closer to us than before. They are here, unless it is a bear.

It seems that they do not want us to see them as yet, but they do want us to know they are here. They are listening to our mind messages and they are immediately responding. Initially, we react fearfully, as most people do in the dark woods in the middle of the night when we hear a sound we cannot identify. Should we run away? Or should we trust that it is them and they are interacting with us in a way they choose? Of course we stay. Perhaps we are being introduced to an educational course called: Wise Ones 101 !
The shrill voices repeat around us. Now we listen with pleasure and communicate our joy to hear them.

There are answers on the notepad from both the Medicine Woman and the Wise Ones, along with some beautiful rock gifts. See below.




Re-reading this letter to Medicine woman I had to laugh at the image of me holding a baby Sasquatch in my arms. What was I thinking of? A baby Sasquatch must be very big! Well, they said they will come (WE COME) so we shall see what happens when I visit them again in a couple of months.
Will they bring the baby? And will my developing, expanded vision let me see her?



To the right is the letter to the family of Wise Ones who communicated to us. It is interesting that the 3 consonants, TSH are initials that represent the signature for Tishoma, the boyfriend of Medicine Woman. Apparently he was there making the loud sounds and communicating telepathically. I am really enjoying this new friendship and look forward to what will take place in the months ahead.



Here is an interesting Addendum. While I was on the mainland, a friend Elaine was taking care of my Ranch in Hawaii. She is very interested in communicating with the Sasquatch as well. A very loving person, she decided to write them a note at the Ranch, an ocean away!
She mentioned that she is a friend of mine and that she hopes to visit them someday. Could they write her a note here in Hawaii?

When I returned, I also communicated with Medicine woman introducing her telepathically to my friend, Elaine.
In an email from Susan on the mainland, she said a note had just been left from the Medicine Woman for me. The message seemed unclear to Susan. When I read it, I knew exactly what Medicine Woman was saying.

Here is her message (in her favorite red ink) that reveals she received our telepathic messages all the way from Hawaii. This relates to the ability of the Wise Ones to live multi-dimensionally. They are not limited to a linear, three-dimensional way of interacting with us. They access many levels of reality. They are non-local. And they receive and hear us when we communicate with them telepathically wherever we are in proximity to them.

Below they answered two questions that were on our minds in Hawaii. These were questions that were never voiced to them when around the fire pit. How do they know what we are thinking?

Also, Medicine Woman said they cannot cross the ocean to come to Hawaii. I know they can be here in the etheric form. People have seen a pale vision of them standing behind me when I give a community talk about our Sasquatch friends. To me their note indicates that when they write a note to me, they are in the physical form (to hold the pen, pick up the gifts, etc.) and so they cannot come physically to Hawaii to answer our notes. I had a vision of these dear friends, always so ready to please, trying to swim from California to Hawaii in the ocean! What do you make of all this? Let me know.

Sincere regards,

Native Spirit Intelligence




& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010