& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010


On many occasions we have noticed that our Sasquatch friends appear see-through, and seemingly vanish instantaneously. The Ancient Ones can dematerialize. They are able to move freely between our three-dimensional, linear reality, and their world, which exists outside our conventional laws of physics, in the expanded world of Quantum Physics. In the physical world we know, they make shelters, forage for food, walk long distances, eat, sleep, defecate, communicate and make loud growling sounds. In their extra-dimensional world, life is different. Their bodies are of a different frequency and therefore their needs are not the same as when in a three-dimensional, physical environment.

In their own words, they have confirmed, they use the refined frequencies available to them to travel to distant places; they call it Dream Walking. They do, however, have limitations with respect to distance and location. For example, they told me they cannot Dream Walk to Hawaii from the mainland; it is too far away. The particular group of Wise Ones that I have been introduced to can only remain out of body for limited periods of time, or they lose their ability to return to physical matter. This is the best way that I can explain what they have communicated to me in writing.

There are many other advanced beings who can access the refined frequencies of light in lighter bodies as well. The Ancient Ones have told me they are in contact with the Good Star People, who also know how to live in nearby, and very accessible, parallel realities. We would like to learn from them how to access those places too. How can we go there?

There is still so much to understand and I learn more with each meeting and communication we have. They write in short phrases and are not profuse in their explanations; every sentence is succinct, to the point. They answer the question you ask. The challenge is to find the correct question and to word it clearly.

Physicists know that in Quantum Physics electrons can pass through solid matter. Similarly, while in a quantum state, the Wise Ones have no weight or mass; they are like a "wave" of energy, or perhaps like an Orb. Can a human body, with all of its electrons, move through physical barriers as well? This is what modern scientists are investigating in advanced laboratories around the world. I believe the dolphins, and other life forms on Earth such as the Ancient Ones, do it - so why not humans?



















July 8 - 14, 2007

Day One: We arrive at the meeting site in the woods. I notice some new Rock Art formations that the Wise Ones have left for us to enjoy. As we sit in circle around the fire, I notice the cicadas*** are very loud now. It is summertime. They sing and buzz all around us and yet we cannot see any of them! I write a note to the Medicine Woman. Angela leaves 2 fruit-filled cakes she made for them on the picnic table.

As we sink into the silence, I begin to hear the welcoming signal of the Sasquatch people - two sticks clapping together. Tap - tap - tap in a rhythm. It stops and starts again, making sure we know it is them. I mention it to everyone. Jean-Luc nods in agreement.

AS we sit quietly, I am telepathically speaking to the Medicine Woman. So far, I don't feel her presence. Does she know we are here? Has she been watching over our arrival at the Campground? I don't sense her field of energy around me. I quietly wait, knowing it is not totally dark yet.



As I look up, the clouds are separating and in that moment, a beautiful bright comet with a wavy tail flies across the sky directly above us. It is extremely bright in the dark night.

Jean-Luc signals, pointing behind me and I see a twinkling light just 2 -3 feet off the ground. It slowly circles our group as we sit around the fire. Everyone sees it. Is it a firefly? I have seen them here on occasion in the spring, but always in large numbers flying among the tree tops. During the past 3 times Jean-Luc and I visited the Sasquatch, we have seen one solitary light come to greet us when we first arrive. Is it the spirit of the Sasquatch come to see who we are? This one remains around us for more than 2 hours.

I hear a strange sound in the woods. It sounds like a big cat screaming - distant, yet loud. I remember the stories of a large black cat seen running with the Sasquatch. There are also cougars in these woods. I have never seen one. Everyone in the group hears the continuing loud "MEROOOOW". Too fierce for a domestic cat, and they don't frequent these thick forests.

I speak aloud to the Medicine Woman and all of her family of Wise Ones. I express my joy at being in their home and my gratitude for their wisdom and their earthly presence --- their willingness to be with us.
Then I introduce the group members and ask each person to silently tell the Medicine Woman and the Wise Ones about themselves as a way of introduction.

All is silent. After a while I call upon the Sasquatch family to visit with us. They are cousins of the Wise Ones. They reside here also. I ask them to join us this night.

Quietness again.
Then it is broken by a nearby loud sound that makes us all jump ! It is a loud growl followed by guttural sounds, that are repeated. Then the sound becomes soft, a quiet throat-clearing rumble can be heard. And suddenly loud and insistent again.

All of us stay in our chairs, alert, listening. Whatever it is, it is only 10 to 12 feet away.

It continues for ten to fifteen minutes. Whoever it is, does not leave. We sense their presence near us.

The rational mind wants to identify it as a familiar animal. Cougar? Raccoon? Fox? It is certainly not a small animal. The voice is too large. I know it is our Sasquatch friends responding to our call to them. Their growling sounds began right after we acknowledged them telepathically. I am familiar with their sounds.

I make a mental note to play some Sasquatch sounds to the group tomorrow, so they can hear the same range of loud and soft communications. For now, it is time to leave. We have had a full day traveling from different places and countries.

During the day, the group visits the Heritage Center in town to listen to the recorded sounds of different animals that live in the forest. We listen to black bear, cougar and raccoons. None of the sounds are exactly like what we heard in the night.
Then I play Sasquatch sounds. It is exactly what we heard. All of us agree. The director of the Center is fascinated by our discussions. He joins in and at the end of the afternoon tells us he will now create a Sasquatch corner in the Center for people who come here and want to learn about them.


At night we meet in the woods with my friends Susan and Mike. Susan prepared a huge bowl of potato salad, 20 bratwurst, homemade rolls and cookies, homemade pickles, watermelon, iced tea. We make foil-wrapped packages of fresh vegetables to add to the feast. Delicious aromas surround us as they cook on the open fire.






It is Helena's birthday, one of our dear group members, and so we have a birthday cake. Helena sings to the Sasquatch with her operatic voice that penetrates the woods and encircles us. Sally shares her amazing art canvases produced by Shona. She gifts one to Mike and Susan, one to Jean-Luc and I. They are beautifully colored geometric mandalas.

On top of my note to the Wise Ones, we find some rock shards that have been worked on; shaped and chipped and that were left for each us. The group is happy to have these ancient relics. These can be used as communication rocks with the Wise Ones.




Jean-Luc has his iPod at his side, with the hope of recording the Sasquatch sounds tonight. I am not sure if that is a good idea. If they don't want their sounds recorded, they will refrain from making them in the presence of a recorder.

After dinner, sitting in the dark around the fire, there are sudden growling sounds again. Jean-Luc moves to find and turn on the iPod. Mike turns swiftly in his chair and shines his flashlight in the direction of the noise. Whoever was there, is gone.

Mike is sure he saw someone. Jean-Luc seeing what has happened leaps up and takes chase with his flashlight. Among other shadows, he sees a raccoon dragging away the plastic bag full of Susan's left over baked rolls. The raccoon drops it and runs. Jean-Luc puts the bag back on the picnic table. No sign of Sasquatch now.

Our one flittering light dances around us and around our van again, over and over, as if checking everything.
Susan and Mike go to bed in their cabin. We remain for another hour. All is quiet.

. .

After spending a day at the Lake, we visit the Sasquatch woods again. There are so many translucent, shining Orbs hovering above us. It is a perfect night…. pleasantly cool, cloudless, many stars. As we sit in our circle a cloud surrounds us. We go into a deep silent space. This is what happens when we are taken Dream Walking with the Wise Ones. We see a very bright ship in the sky. We remain in this space until 1:00 A.M. As we awaken from this trance state, something big and swift runs from the woods, behind Angela toward the picnic table. It is so dark that we can see nothing, not even each other sitting side by side. We are relaxed, in a peaceful state of mind and listening with love in our hearts.
The next day we share our personal telepathic experiences of the night, including contact with Pushoma, the Sasquatch family and the E.T. ship.

As I share the wisdom from the Medicine Woman about Birdman, the group has their own experiences of this extraterrestrial guide for countless civilizations. They are touched by their own relationship to and visions of Birdman and the Bird Tribe. This often happens - As I share the words of the Medicine Woman people receive more than what I am saying, they receive messages from the Wise Ones themselves.

Helena holding her stone chard begins to channel a message and a song. She goes into the woods to sing to the birds, bees, and all the animals there. The sounds reverberate through the forest. Each of us goes spontaneously into a channeling space, sitting in different parts of the woods, porch and van for privacy and concentration. The messages are coming in as we open ourselves to receive for the next 3 hours.

At night, I again invoke into our circle the presence of the Medicine Woman, the Sasquatch family and the Wise Ones, including Pushoma. We hear heavy footsteps approaching from the south. We remain quiet, listening, our hearts beating fast.

Then the footsteps stop. After a while they begin again, approaching us. This starting and stopping footstep sounds occurs four times. We stay where we are in total darkness, and sense we are being evaluated and surrounded by large hairy people. After a half hour, we hear a beating noise like a small boulder being hit against a large boulder. The sound repeats 3 times, guaranteeing this is not an accidental noise or the wind banging something. We are all attentive, and even appreciative of this greeting in response to our request for contact. We hear something near the picnic table taking the 2 ripe bananas I left. Later we find the peels, one on the table, and one on the bench. Both peels have been removed and the bananas eaten, rather neatly.

Our favorite little light appears flitting around us, the picnic table and our van. Then a second light appears. They are beautiful to watch as they circle us in the blackest dark you've ever seen. Sitting side by side we cannot see each other at all.

Now we hear loud growling again. Jean-Luc turns on his iPod recorder. We hear footsteps, a scuffling noise near us, behind me. We also hear the sounds of the deer at the corn feeder across from us, eating small ears of corn that we left on the ground. One deer makes its frightened sound that is like a sneeze. Suddenly there is a growl next to Helena.


Then all is silent. We inexplicably become very sleepy, and seem to doze off.
All of a sudden I hear Jean-Luc's voice, as if far away asking "What time is it?"
"Why?" I ask, thinking he is experiencing lost time or something similar. I locate my flashlight to look at my watch. It is 11:15 P.M. Looking at the watch reminds me that the Medicine Woman said we should Dream Walk with her after 11:00 P.M. tonight.
Jean-Luc jumps up. He needs to move and wants to take a walk. We see his flashlight go off into the darkness. In addition, we observe a friendly little white light flitting along behind him, following him, giving us a view of two white lights moving up and down in the woods.

We settle into a deep meditation for contact, proceeding with the help of Medicine Woman, to enter the Portal. We experience the swirling energy, starting at our feet and slowly moving up, enveloping our bodies. At some point as each of us is ready, we leave the physical realm and travel with two Wise Ones through the Sometime Place into their alternate reality. There we meet with the Medicine Woman and she is happy to welcome us.


... Dematerializing ...

I ask to see the future of Earthling and Sasquatch contact. I then experience a round room with many Ancient Ones, Sasquatch and Earth people who appear gentle and wise. We are learning many things from these Advanced Sasquatch people; how to live in splendor in their forests and 4th dimensional homes. They know about all the life forms in the woods. Every growing herb in the forest has a different nourishing and healing characteristic. We are even learning about herbs for Dream Walking, dematerializing, shape shifting, spirit enhancing, voice and sound projecting, and entering other realities. They seem to recommend mind-enhancing herbs for "out of body" experiences as a preparation for entering the "invisible" worlds. If we can overcome our blocks to these inherent abilities, we can experience them. We have all the glands, consciousness and active DNA to do it.
In this way we visit the inner earth people and other beings that live on planet Earth with us, although unseen by us. The Wise Ones know these places and these people.

As we visit these places temporarily, I feel the sensation of being small, in the company of 7 foot Sasquatch and 9 foot Inner Earth people. They are gentle and loving, beaming their welcome. Their world is green, lush and peaceful. They are wisely discerning about who can enter in.

This is just a small part of what I experienced. This Dream Walking is the kind of communication the Medicine Woman wants with Earthlings. We can enter their world with them.

Everyone in our group has a profound Dream Walking experience. As we return to our third dimensional world, there are more grumbling growls right behind Helena. No one jumps up to run away. We all hold the space feeling the peace. We acknowledge the presence of tall Sasquatch around us. They can communicate in numerous ways, including growls and songs, whistles and imitations of every animal in the forest. My watch has stopped, a feeling of timelessness. We depart for our cabins at 12:30 A.M.

Jean-Luc was not able to retrieve any sounds from his iPod.
The line between different realities is blurred in this forest setting where magical lights and mists of swirling energy take us into their worlds, affecting the environment around us, changing physical matter.We will return in October.

*** Cicada is an insect with large eyes, wide apart on the head and usually transparent, well-veined wings. They are among the most widely recognized of all insects, mainly due to their large size and remarkable acoustic talents. Cicadas do not bite or sting, are benign to humans, and are not considered a pest. Many people around the world regularly eat cicadas: the female is prized as it is meatier. Cicadas have been (or are still) eaten in Ancient Greece, China, Malaysia, Burma, Australia, Latin America and the Congo. Interestingly, Cicadas are employed in the traditional medicines of China and Japan for hearing-related matters.






In search of new adventure, I signed up for Joan's Wise Ones Seminar in July, 2007. Moreover, the Sasquatch had contacted me telepathically from time to time ever since I learnt of their reality from Joan, when I attended one of her other seminars in Hawaii in January 2006.
My longing was to meet them physically in daylight I suppose, had that happened, I would have learnt very little; whereas relying on telepathy helped to develop my clairaudient and clairvoyant talents, not to mention trust.
My trust level and ability to stand my ground was tested in various ways.


One big test was when two animals (I thought later they might have been bobcats) decided to have a fight just behind my chair. I never heard their stealthy approach, only the loud and sudden growling screeches. For a fleeting instance I had the idea of leaping out of my chair to go and grab hold of Joan for safety, but it passed before I had time to move, so I stayed in my chair near the dying camp fire calm and still. When I confessed to Joan what I nearly did, she said half light-heartedly, "The sound of bobcats did not frighten me, because it was actually the Sasquatch, but you would have scared me!"


Actually there was never any cause for alarm. I was always perfectly safe. Joan knew this. Why? Because I was present at the invitation of the Sasquatch. They protect those they choose as Joan can confirm. My level of trust rose to such an extent through the week that when I heard the footsteps in the dark of physical Sasquatch, and the other sounds they made, I always relaxed immediately. I felt no fear of them whatsoever, only comforted. I knew that when they were around neither the fiercest mountain lion nor the largest black bear would ever harm me.


Meanwhile each of Joan's three group members received a rock left by the Sasquatch. Mine seems to be full of their ancient knowledge, which I hope to put into one of my books. I am downloading it little by little. This will be a service both to me and the Sasquatch. It will help balance the "bad press" they so often have about being primitive wild animals to be feared and shot at, instead of respecting them for being spiritually advanced and willing to assist humanity in these challenging times.




& WEEK TWO; OCTOBER 2008, APRIL 2009, APRIL 2010