Volcanic crater lakeThe Azores Islands are breathtakingly beautiful. There is so much to see and enjoy on these sunny Portuguese islands in the Atlantic.
This year our special groups of podners, visited sacred locations in nature and often enjoyed our meetings and meditations at those sites. The sunny, warm and breezy weather calls us outdoors even after spending hours of fun in the sun and ocean with the dolphins in the mornings. The fresh air is healthy and invigorating.

We had outstanding experiences with all five species of dolphins and were enchanted by the Sperm Whales and Pilot whales as well. The graceful white Risso dolphins, as big as their Bottlenose cousins, spent more time with us than ever before. They are a mystical vision all around us as their white forms move through the deep blue waters. Often they swim nearby to observe us, turning their heads and dark brown eyes to have a curious look as they go along their peaceful way in the azure waters. Azure watersAlways stately and serene, they ensure that our swims among them will be the same. It is heartwarming to see this relationship grow with respect and love.

In contrast are the speedy Spotted dolphins who swam enthusiastically towards us with great joy. They are especially interested in swimmers who can dive with them, twisting and turning, spiraling down. The Spotteds quickly surrounded us, giving us the experience of being members of their pods. They often merged with the beautiful Common dolphins as well. So much exuberance, everyone was laughing!

Traveling in our boats from one group of dolphins to another, we were accompanied by the "air borne" Striped dolphins and thrilled by their podly, unified, porpoising behavior as they surfed our waves, looking at us, eye to eye in mid-air!

The Bottlenose dolphins came to see us in their characteristic way ……. coming directly at us, giving us a spin around, and then maintaining eye contact, slowly diving deeper --- challenging us to join them in the beautiful Blue. And so we did! In a pod of about 50, two or three dolphins at a time, would choose a swimmer and escort them along as their special playmate.

One of our favorite experiences each day included joining the dolphins and the diving birds as they fed on schools of fish.Dolphins and birds feeding on fish ball This is nearly impossible to describe, because of the underwater dynamics and visuals we see. The dolphins are making streams of sparkling bubbles all around us, and the plummeting birds are amazingly agile as they dive to great depths, wings pressed to their sides. The fish are shining silver in the sun while dolphins swim among them and the entire surface of the water is churning as hovering birds, circle. We were able to get a photo of this which gives a small impression of all the activity, as we swim in the midst of this underwater fantasy.

We returned to the boat each day, starry-eyed, smiling, and full of laughter ….. and sometimes tears, as the love of the dolphins deeply entered our hearts and minds.

How close we became as a group. We had so much in common, including our memories of Atlantis and the spiritual work we did there. Many of us, spontaneously remembered our past experiences in these same waters with these dolphins and each other during a time long ago when we were the teachers and leaders, the physicians and galactic energy Step Pyramid, Pico Islandstabilizers/balancers. And although we were the ones who understood the significance of our spiritual work and valued the natural environment around us, we also felt somewhat responsible for the demise of Atlantis. It was not our choice and yet somehow our attempts to turn things around were unsuccessful and we were not able to prevent the misuse of energy and power. Could we have done more?
When the continent of Atlantis sank into the sea, that entire advanced way-of-life ended. According to the dolphins, some of the Atlanteans quickly changed their form and entered the ocean becoming dolphins. Could that be us?

Most stories of Atlantis that are shared today, come from the 5th Century B.C. scholar, Plato. Plato said the walls of structures in the ancient city were covered with metals. Copper, gold, silver and brass would shine brightly in the sun on these islands. It would create a very brilliant reflection into the atmosphere …. a beacon of Light for arriving space vehicles.Podners before Mount Pico

In Atlantis, we knew how Beauty and natural Abundance flourished and were created/cultivated/allowed to express themselves naturally in architecture, plants and flowers. Everything was in harmony. Here in the Azores we experience the reality of this Atlantean-like beauty and the Joy of the dolphins reminds us of who we are as loving architects of a new reality on Earth.

As the dolphins swam among us, our genetic codes were activated and a new vibrational frequency created. Within this frequency, we remembered our connections to each other and our mutual purposes for incarnating on this beautiful planet, Earth.

Rainbow in ancient Atlantis

Step Pyramid, Pico Island

Fire Circle under the stars

Kirsten & Marjolein

The dining roomRadha & Steve

Debroah, Nancy & Helena Ann & Cindy

Kara, Keerin & Jean-Luc Karen & the kids cutting the cake

Star kinds Stephen, Kara, Sharn & Keerin

Spotted dolphins with Marjolein Watching the Sperm whales

Sperm whales on the surface Remnants of the old continent


Remote viewing class Remote viewing class


On to the next pod

Ancient Atlantis


Common - Hourglass dolphins Spotteds & Pico Island


Joyful common dolphins

Swimming with pilot whalesDolphins & whales


It's a good life

The gentle Pilot whales

Cruious Pilot Whales

Swimming with Bottlenose and Atlantic Spotteds

Dolphins, diving birds and ball of fish

Swimming with dolphins and diving birds

Spotteds, Common dollphins and swimmers around the fish ball


Common dolphins


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