E.T. Contact at Sky Island Ranch August 6 - 18, 2006


If you are interested in this Seminar, you are most likely someone who wishes to develop an ongoing communication with benevolent, compassionate extraterrestrial friends who are here to joyfully assist planet Earth as she evolves. You may be one of many who agreed to incarnate during this time of increased frequencies on Earth to awaken your multi-dimensional self. With this awakening, we acknowledge and initiate our roles as Cosmic Ambassadors for Peace among residents of multiple planets, stars and planes of existence. As you know, we are not alone in the Universe. We have many ET friends who are standing by ready to assist humanity into the next level of consciousness. The time is now. The dolphins and whales have served as bridges for us to make this leap in awareness.

In the same way we feel safe to enter the ocean and meet the pods of dolphins in their environment, so do we enter the world of our ET neighbors. The dolphins are as large as we are, they are very powerful and have a huge mouth full of teeth that act as frequency receivers; and yet we recognize their consciousness as loving and benevolent. They are the masters of their waterworld where we are the novices, they are spiritually and intelligently advanced with a more complex brain than our own, they live without material possessions and yet their close relationship to Nature ensures that all their needs are met. They communicate with a group mind using telepathy and empathy.

As you can see, our ocean friends, the dolphins, have the same attributes and qualities of the ETs in the Galaxy. Swimming among the dolphins, changes people for the better … bringing about new choices regarding work, family, home environments and altruistic service for the Earth. Our contact with the ETs is similar to our dolphin swims. We communicate through pod mind to an intelligent civilization that uses a tonal language and has many highly evolved skills. In this way we prepare for our cross-cultural contact with our Star friends. In our E.T. Contact seminar last year, we experienced loving contact with the Arturians, the Sirians, the Pleiadians and the Andromedans. Each of these civilizations have different information and qualities to share with us.

At Sky Island Ranch, we have been aware of ET contact for many years. Last year the contacts increased as they responded to our requests for their worldwide presence on our planet. We have seen them in the group meditations and in our skies; we have experienced their Plasma Ships and their warm communication via loving frequencies of golden light. We are meeting them as we practice elevating our physical frequencies to their expanded realms of awareness. As they pass through the light barrier we can see their sparkling electrical impulses, their neutrino fields of light, that manifest the moment before their ships become visible. Upon request, our Star Friends send us signals to confirm their presence near us. We often see lights flashing like light bulbs in the sky, lights that travel straight down to the ground, balls of crimson light, orbs and pulsating light vehicles. We may see ET people on the ground among us, or see beams of Light surround us. We can hear sounds and songs and messages. They communicate with us in whatever way is most appropriate for the group of people who sit in a circle and seek to make contact. It is always inspiring, fascinating and exciting.
Deep inside we know ... the time has come!

I look forward to enjoying this wonderful gathering with you and our ET friends.

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